27 December 2008

3 things:

I actually try to make myself not look like a total twerp on this blog. However, today those efforts shall dribble fruitless, for I am directly or indirectly focusing on 3 areas of life in which I do not excel (I do, however, know how to use Microsoft Excel, if that gets me any sorts of points). These 3 areas are: Exercise, Cooking, and Navigation.

1. I went running. 3 days ago, and not once since, I went running. My annual run consisted of a whole 3 miles! Yes, there may have been a bit of walking, but 3 miles?! Anyway, the point of this picture is to show how neat it is when your running shorts, which you've had for 11 years (almost to the day, as they were a Christmas gift for the former sophomore-in-high school track runner), match the Prop 8 campaign shirt you wore to Costco one Saturday (and resiliently paid for it with a few dirty looks), and then these 2 things ALSO match the Christmas ornament that one apparently receives upon coming into money at Anthropologie (my gift certificate was stuck inside it. Rather cute).

2. I cooked. Twice! I am little by little becoming rather fond of cooking, and plan to try a few Miss Fancy Pants recipes soon. But in the McOmber family (especially the Palo Alto McMcs) there is a love for German Pancakes. Zee German Pancake ees unt lovely treat een zee Chreestmas time. I made it on Christmas morning, and for the first time, I was pleased with something I cooked first time around. Please ogle now at the poofy mountains and quite edible valleys of the finished product. For some reason, this is very good news for Zee German Pancake. It means you did a good job. And is it just me, or does my forehead look enormous in this picture?

The next day I made it again, and this time tried something new, and eet turn't aout even bettah! Please now ogle AND drool at the Mount Everest-ish poof and the even MORE edible valleys of the finished product. It must be my late Grandfazer McOmber, who served his mission in Deutschland, whispering into my novice ear the tricks of the trade that ultimately allowed for such a whoopingly successful pancake.

3. I got a GPSweeet for Christmas! My last name should be "Is-Lost." Meredith Is-Lost no more!!! I used this thing all day today and found fast and frilly routes, with traffic time projections and all. The only complaint I have: how is it that I can have this thing talk to me in a myriad of languages, but I only can have a raspy voiced woman communicating directions? Why is there no "Tall, Dark, and Handsome Male" option on the set-up menu??

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Aubrey said...

Merzy, you are a ray of sunshine in my dreary world. I love your stinking guts...even if your forehead is rather large in that photo. I'm pretty sure it's the angle. But don't worry, the only thing people are lookin at that picture is dee german pancakes. Das yum stuff.