28 December 2008

Car ride home from church today:

Scene: Dad turns on the radio to some dissonant jazz music.

Dad: Here are some atonal tunes for you.
Sarah: I call this Road to Andromeda. (She giggles at her own joke.)
Dad: Andromeda always is nice. I've SEEN it!! I've seen it through a telescope.
Sarah: (referring to Dad's rap star alter-ego, "Boana Six-Pack" which is pronounced "Sis-Pack") This arrangement is now called, Boana Cruisin Andromeda.
Me: In his Escalade.
Sarah: Pimp my Andromeda!
Dad: Drive By Shooting at Andromeda crossing!
Me: Andromeda No Mo!

All within 30 seconds of leaving our churchful services. What would Cameron think of us now?


Aubrey said...

I'd like to spend an entire day surrounded by nothing but Eatons. Do you think you can arrange that?

Jim Eaton said...

Bowana Sis Pak say, "Andromeda, yo mama, my crib be at the Ramada."