22 December 2008

My 12 Days of Christmas in 1 for Saturday, December 20, 2008

12 seconds spent watching the live performance of the song where are you christmas? by a platinum blonde in a satin shawl in front of south coast plaza's macy's. some would say that those were 12 seconds too many, indeed, 12 seconds i'll never get back again. now, some might disagree...i'm pretty sure i saw jeff wipe away a tear of wonderment and heart warmed appreciation.
11 extra miles on the road when i got on the wrong freeway after dropping off a friend at the long beach airport...or maybe a few miles more than 11, considering the fact that i made it to inglewood before paying attention to the exit signs.  [fuming]
10 pieces of fudge consumed by some spineless sugar addict (me) at jeff's house before christmas shopping lift-off
9 tattoos on my forearm (the names of musical sensations the jonas brothers, n*sync band members, and criss cross)
8 x 5 minutes to find a parking spot at south coast plaza
7 of your mamas at the aforementioned mall throwing down the big bucks on fur coats for each of you.  yes even!
6 non-caffeinated beverages at starbucks (mom got an ice water; does that count?!  who gets an ICE WATER at starbucks????????????????????)
5 companions at roger's gardens and the fashion island "toppest tree"
4 times sarah o'fair-ah and i rehearsed christ child with accompanist extraordinaire ruthann evans, to be sung at church the next day
3 times i thought, "why don't they carpet this stupid mall? people (i) could walk for hours and hours in ballet flats on carpet."
2 trips into baby gap
1 viewing of baby mama (amy poehler was riding the comedy fusion wave way more frequently than was tina fey, and i'll not discuss the matter further.)

and a partriage in a pear tree.