16 December 2008

Happy 30th to my darlings!

30 years ago this day, there were nuptials.  Nuptials of joy, nuptials of -- dare I say it -- love, nuptials of which I am a product.

Happy Anniversary to 2 of the silliest cats I know, and here's to millions more of the same!
(10 bucks says they celebrate by eating homemade fudge sauce on fat-free Dreyers and watching Horation Hornblower.)


Sarah said...

Horatio Hornblower, or Glenn Beck.

M-Ware said...

happy anniversary, parents of yours. i wish i could see a bigger version of that picture. and i'm loving your mom's blue eyeshadow days.

liNdsEYloO said...

yes. i'm so glad he married mother meri instead of that russian model bc then you'd be taller and probably more skanky & violently vain, too, merz.