29 December 2008

P.S. to the previous post:

I just got, along with those pictures, Cam's weekly letter. I've never known a missionary to write letters like this. Just in case you want a taste of my darling, favorite brother, here is his email from this week, warts and all:


We have had a most excellent week. First of all it was tastey to talk to everyone. Everyone sounds so good and unchanged in their perfect Eatonesque ways. It was kind of strange hanging up because I felt like part of me was at home, but I was still in Ecuador. Didn´t really dig jumping between the two worlds. I prefer to be in one at a time. But it was a fun experience wasn't it?! Christmas was the same as any other day. People go after the Christmas Eve dealio. They open presents, have the feast, everything christmas eve and nothing the next day. Since then, we`ve been charging forward as usual.

This Saturday we had a baptism!! IN THE OCEAN!!! I never thought in my life I would be so lucky to participate in a baptism in the ocean. Normally we aren`t allowed, but my comp called the mish pres to get permission and either he´s really good a sucking up or the pres has mercy on his dying soul, he let us do it in the ocean. It was sureal. I had forgotten how good the sand feels and the water-how rich indeed it was! Perfect temp. All was perfect.Except for having to charge over some sharp rocks that were well hidden and almost tripping and falling completely in the ocean, it was a once in a life time experience. I was a witness with another person from the ward who`s working on his mission papers. I cannot tell you how happy that day was. It was also my comp`s birthday! We found an ice cream place like cold stone and just about died from rich ice cream. It was dirt cheap but really good. That was te first of many treats that we got that day. With christmas, his birthday, and a family that took us out to dinner this week, I a little more plump!

My comp also got me 2 6 packs of Pony Malta. YES! That has been wonderful. [Note from the sister: Does anyone know what the sort of a beverage Pony Malta is???]

Funny Eaton moment at district meeting. At the end of the lesson by the wonderful Elder Mundy, we played a World Cup Soccer Shoot out game. We used a tape ball to shoot the goals with the goal keeper on his knees. As my time came to kick, I aproached the kicking spot with a smart alec remark “They called me Big Toe in High School.” In the moment it was very funny, but unfortunately I didnt put my money where my mouth was and failed miserably to make a goal. But now Im known as “Big Toe” in the mission.

Sunday we did the confirmation. Towards the end of Sacrament Meeting I went up to Jhannella (Baptised personel) and asked who she wanted to confirm her. With little discussion with those around her, she decided to have me confirm her. Derrr I had never confirmed anyone before. I quickly dashed over to my comp who was at the sacrament table, told him what happened, though it didn`t matter-he knew by the suprised look on my face what had happened. With a quick review in the missionary handbook I confirmed Jhanelle during sacrament meeting. It was an amazing experience. Just about killed me, but was a great exerience.

We have an investigator who works in the political system. He`s extremely smart and he and his wife will soon be baptised. We`re putting the date with them this week. But the other day we went over to see why he hadnt come to the baptism. Turns out he had a meeting with President Correa-President of Ecuador. Upon hearing this news I couldn`t help but ask “Oh, and how`s he doing these days?” “Pretty good. He`s a little worried about the war with Columbia, but he`s good.” Yeaaah.

New years gets pretty crazy here. People make manikens and blow them up with fireworks. I`m not sure if we´re going to be able to work on new years just because everyone gets drunk and it gets a little dangerous. I´ll let you know what happens.

Sorry I didn`t get individual letters out today. Getting pics on takes a little longer. But we had a great christmas-stuffed ourselves full with 2 dinners and sweets all the week long. I hope everyone has a great christmas break and happy new year.

Power to the People

Elder Eaton

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