19 December 2008

story time: my most sincere apologies

about 2 months ago, a total betty named nicole moved into my ward and (get ready for your mind to blow) apartment complex.  she hails from UT, is an RN, a beautiful brunette, speaks portuguese, and i love having her around.

hold up, i need to explain something else: i had some bad luck with keeping cell phones alive this last year.  don't ask me how, but i went through 4 very quickly.  as cameron departed for his mission, he bequeathed unto me his cell phone in a moment of oozing generosity.  he had but one request: that i not delete any of his contacts, as he'd surely want to transfer them over to the new swanky phone he'll get in 17 months when he returns home an awkward farmer's tanned dude.  cool, done and done.

ok back on track.  so due to the fact that in my apartment complex, you are unable to swing a dead cat without it hitting nicole's apartment, when i need to tell/ask her something or just visit, i just gyrate on over.  on occasion people have asked me for her number, and so i dug up on my/camer's phone nicole's utah area-coded number, and passed it along.  the last couple of days we've been trying to get a disneyland trip together, and i was most displeased that she never answered my phone calls and never texted me back.  [growl and sigh]  then this morning i was invited to disneyland by our friend brad and wasn't sure if i could go (we unemployed people are insanely busy, you know).  a few minutes later i got a text from an unknown number that said something to the effect of:

"hey meredith!  it's nicole!!!  what is this about you not coming to disneyland?!  please come."

uh, who is that other nicole that i've texted and whom other people, through my sharing technique, have also texted and/or called?

to   if i know!

well, no, i know, it's got to be one of cam's friends, to whom i issue my most drippy apology for causing you confusion.  i only hope you're not contracted to an AT&T stingy text messaging plan.  and, as ever, MERZY CHRISTMAS!


liNdsEYloO said...

hahahahha your post about um your PLANS this very evening came up on my reader. very bold idea, posting such a post.

::Meredith Eaton:: said...

yeah, obviously i took it off. too gutsy for a girl like me :).

Margaret said...

all i see is you gyrating between apartments.