29 December 2008

Fam Pic

Getting an Eaton family picture is sort of like getting Paris Hilton to don a turtleneck. It nigh to doesn't happen, and not to be all, "I carry this family ON MY BACK!"-ish, but if the picture IS taken, it's really a result of my arm twisting. Since Cam and Elizabeth were nowhere to be seen this holiday, it wasn't high on the priority list since it couldn't be the complete gene pool, but on Sunday as we scampered out of the house for religious reasons, all spiffed in our finery, I suggested a photo shoot. Nothing doing. "We'll take it when we get home, Merzy, we promise!" As we drove up to the house listening to Road to Andromeda, my suggestion again fell upon deaf ears, as food is surely and ever the #1 focus of Mormons post-Sunday block. Fine. We took it tonight right before dinner. The thing is, I don't really care a snip if we're in coordinating khaki and navy blue, or if our hairs are did, or if we've got a fake waterfall behind us. I just want to mark on film (or digitality) the togetherness of the togethers, the fact that we were there and we all liked each other. Especially after spending ALLLLLL WEEK together, still liking each other is actually kind of a big deal. So in all our glory, here we are, the formidable Eaton foursome of Christmas 2008:

And here's the real family picture. Darn it, we are just so cool.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I actually had one for the ages. The excessive moments of gluttony were balanced out by the extremely effective exercise of frequently occurring laughter. These people are just unadulterated comedy.
Again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Jim Eaton said...


Hilary and Dave said...

Cutey-cute-cute!! Oh, my fuzzy Eatons!

Sarah said...

niiiice. merzy i'm still amazed that you managed to get that kick up so high in the 1.5 seconds between rapid successive camera action. how DO you do it?