02 December 2008

alarm sounds like:

these are pictures that are pretty juiceless, but i stare at them in my iphoto application, feeling guilty for not giving them their moment in time. that ends now. tonight i put on your blog surfing plate a collection of photos, photos that sample random corners of my life for the last 3 1/2 months in california.
since being laid off in october i've been filling in a lot for a friend at her job. i really do love the company, and they order FABULOUS pens from staples (i would know because part of my illustrious duties are signing off on the deliveries!). these pens are most condusive to doodling in the not-much-to-do hours.

the aforementioned company is right across the street from fashion island, so on my lunch breaks i was privileged to observe the putting together of the world's largest fake christmas tree!!!! sarah used to call it "the toppest tree" and it was basically the meaning of life to her. given her current relationship status, we just don't mention the toppest tree anymore, we don't want to complicate things for the girl.

eh, this is from when i was just about to get lost trying to meet up with melissa lundquist. i may have a horrible sense of direction, but i can multi-task, driving and photographing a beauteous cloud burst (without hitting the stopped car in front of me)!

thanksgiving. mom was sick as sick can be, but still able to turn up those mouth corners a bit.

en route to surfing and pretty darn excited.

i went to elizabeth's right after the bebe was born to entertain her other 2 "old news" kids. :)

notice the look of emptiness and extremely frustrated boredom in mine eyes. this was at my last job, and i like to look at it to remember that while i miss working, i don't miss working there.

thanksgiving again. niece was also sick as sick can be -- look at her little watery, puffy eyes. but my what a cute sweater!

kind of a creepy picture, but i voted!! hear that arnold?? i voted. remember how in america that's how many things are decided?

and finally, my favorite. this is what it says on the elevator in an office building i visited a couple of times. thank you, thank you. i'll just listen for the "whoop" then, if i'm worried the building's on fire.


Margaret said...

Can you doodle a picture of me? Whoop whoop!

Aubrey said...

i've just decided i need more of you in my life. when can you spare some time?

Sarah said...

how do you get the pictures to look all glowy? you really must look at picnik.com. it's a website that lets you do all sorts of funky picture editing and all for free!

::Meredith Eaton:: said...

it's picasa 3. wonderful. brilliant. kinda like pantene pro-V.

Nat D said...

I wish the notebook had like mrs meredith.... and whoever you're crushing on now. I'm STILL waiting for an update. don't hold out.