04 December 2008

a period piece

over the thanksgiving holiday, without wheels to deal of mine own, i started to go just a weeeeee bit stir crazy. some text messages were exchanged, an evacuation planned.

since there was no more shopping on the planet to be done, it became quite clear that a feature film was the only agreeable time burner, i mean, activity in which lindsey and i wanted to participate.

four christmases? australia? no! wait! what were we THINKING! there we were, 2 girls with an affinity for all things ancient, moldy, and corseted. 2 girls who typically view feature films with 2 boys who frown upon all things ancient, moldy, and corseted. the answer, once again, rang clear and true. to the theaters! make haste, make haste!

besides a few surprise moments that could have made more of a woman out of me if i hadn't been forewarned (justify justify justify), it was, as period pieces usually are, terrific.


Nat D said...

I just can't get over her teeth thing she has going on.

::Meredith Eaton:: said...

yeah, i don't like it when she flares her nostrils and pouts her lips, but man, she has got the period piece thing DOWN.