09 November 2008


yesterday i planned to meet my mom at the costco in tustin market place so we could pick up some edamame and samplify.  splendid.  

because my driving style is a bit quicker than my mother's on any day of the week but sunday (when she becomes a car operating banshee of hellfire and screechy brakes to get to church on time) i beat her there.  i called to let her know i was waiting for her in my car.

i was about to pick up my book, but then a big suburban pulled into the spot right in front of me.  the couple looked to be in their late 30s, he had a short beard and she had her hair pulled into a messy bun with very cute bangs grazing her eyebrows.  they looked haggard.  like they hadn't had a good night's sleep since the chandra levy scandal.  disquieted would also be another word i'd use to describe the looks on their faces.  so now my inner cynic was not surprised but curiously hooked.  did they just find shrooms in their 12 year old's underwear drawer?  did he just lose his job?  is their daughter having trouble with friends at school?  maybe their cat was turned into a snack by a prowling coyote?  or are they just sick of the sight of each other, and they want this errand to be over and done with, at warp speed if possible, so they can get back to their separate married lives?  my mind reeled with the possible reasons for the apparent deluge of stress and exhaustion, pointless as it was.  what, was i going to go ask them, "hey, so...how happy are you both?   what's eating you?  looks to me someone could use a hu-ug!"  their problems and their ultimate result would surely remain a complete and total mystery to me, but they were right there in front of me, in the flesh, and i wondered all the same.  then, THEN, to my surprise, as she gathered up her purse and he took the keys out of the ignition, they leaned over the front console and smooched.  and then giggled!  

i could hear the hallelujah chorus.  a chip to throw in the "faith in marriage" bucket!  tired, stressed, but still zesty and enthusiastic about each other, enough to lean over to the other side of the probably apple juice-stained car seats and steal a snog.

then they kept kissing, oh ok great, wow they really like each other...and kissing....

ew ew ew ew ick ick STOP ALREADY!  can't you see i'm RIGHT HERE?!

merciful heavens.  sucking face like 12 year olds in broad daylight!


i got out of the car and waited for mom at the entrance, and tried not to giggle when they walked by me holding hands.

ahem [fidgeting with my jacket zipper].


andreafilio said...

interesting picture... ;)

James McOmber said...

Little angel genitals never hurt anyone.