12 November 2008

update: the she-child has a name!

we will be able to sing the beatles song julia to her. actually, they didn't plan it this way, but there is a beatles song about each of their daughters. nice work, e and k. the beatles are, after all, the masters of music.

her middle name is a flower, and there is a breed of this flower that is "of the valley." guess what it is for a...a...a SOMETHING! one of these days i'll think of an e-prize to give out on this blog. here's a guaranteed e-prize: more posts, more phlowery, phresh, phantastic posts, by MOI. i know, the generosity of which i am capable is boundless.


Derek & Katie Waldron said...

Julia Lily? I love love love it. How beautiful. How about I win a lunch date with you in the very near future! :)

Dave Donaldson said...
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Dave Donaldson said...

I think Waldron is right but if not my guess is Julia Evangeline!