09 June 2009

Father's Wisdom

So my dad is pretty much fabulous. Go read the comment he left on the previous post. There's no one else like him.

I remember once I broke up with a guy and it had been a big relationship; we almost took it up for the long haul. I also had to drive from Utah to Vegas in a snow storm at 4am the next morning, went straight to work, and then came home late. I was exhausted, worried I'd made the wrong decision, and my family all wanted the story. By the time my dad got on the phone my eyes were very leaky. This is how the conversation went:

Dad: Merzy?
Me: [sniffle slurp] Yeah?
Dad: Take tonight, get Mormon Drunk, get a good night's sleep, start tomorrow fresh. You will be ok.
Me: [sniff sniff sniff] What's Mormon Drunk?
Dad: ....A whole bag of chocolate chips?

Love you, Dad.

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Jim Eaton said...

It takes years of experience to deliver such sage advice.