24 June 2009

Some things on the good list:

- sleep. Buckets and buckets of shut eye. Being a bit under the weather, my body didn't even seembto register the extended visit in sugarplum land on Tuesday, but this morning it was duly noted and I feel mostly better. I am off to bed here in but a moment in hopes that one more night filled to bursting with REM cycles will be just the trick to fully supporting the "save the Kleenex" campaign.

- my sister E was born! 20-something years ago today. What a wonder. Love that skally wag.

- my other wee sister gets married one month from tomorrow. This Is terrif news not only because of what it is all on its own, but because of the gem-like people who will make themselves physically present for the whole thing. It's enough to make one willing to go on a date with newly single Jon Gosselin (pfffffft ok maybe nothing is ever going to make thAT appealing).

- I haven't felt truly sucked into a book in a while. I've always preferred short stories but it's been a very long while since I felt connected to the characters and their gig. I've been pecking away at a book of boo's when I'm over there and today I realized I've missed it! I'm excited to know what comes next. A 21 gun salute is in order. Perhaps a woot as well.

It takes a long frickin time to blog on an iPhone.


Melissa Lundquist said...

i love your post. "buckets of sleep"

you should be a musician. or at least inspire one.

Stephanie said...

ew. jon goesslin.

i am trying to figure out a way to attend the wedded bliss for the sarah, but i just don't think it will happen.

ew. jon goesslin and lack of wedding attending.