20 June 2009

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

I would that his movie were out today. I wondered for a second why Hollywood took so long to remake Sherlock Holmes, but then I realized they needed Robert Downey Jr. to sober up and Jude Law to distance himself from the nanny scandal. Time takes time.

I can hardly wait. (!!!!!)

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Jim Eaton said...

Here is the trailer for “Watson”:
He’s tough. He’s bold. He’s a doc…and he’s sick of play’en second fiddle to a pansy named “Holmes”. He’s loaded his pipe, fired up his stash, and said “no @#$* Sherlock” for the last time. He’s Doc Watson. He’s mad as hell and he ain’t gonna take it anymore. This summer, see “Watson”. He’s not just your friendly Doc anymore.