16 June 2009

I have a class that starts today. I almost forgot about it. Could have been bad. I still need to buy books. I'm not going to beat myself up for this near slip because hey, I haven't been a student since 2006.

Al Roker ripped Speidi apart on The Today Show. Warmed my cold heart.

I was just notified that I can indeed use a space heater at my new job that starts Monday. Saints be praised! I'm that person that wears a sweatshirt in the middle of August.

I bought too many raspberries at Costco on Saturday. I think I might revisit Preserves making. Elizabeth and I made some killer Rubarb Strawberry Jam in September 2007.

This morning before work I went to CVS for some Krazy Glue (a shoe catastrophe needed solving). I had my US Bank pin on because it's hot. The cute little Chinese man who's worked there since the days CVS was Sav-On was there while I paid for my super-human glue. He pointed to my pin and asked in broken English about checking accounts. OOoooh, sales! I started telling him about it and he said he'd come in. When I went on my lunch break I took him the paper work to make it easy on him (nudged by my manager). He said he still wanted to come in and do it there, which was fine with me. I'd fulfilled my obligation. But he must have been tickled that I'd done that for him, because as I was saying my goodbyes he put a Hershey bar in a little baggie and with a little smile said, "A treat fo' you!" It made my day.


[AnnieR] said...

1. Speidi can take a flying leap.
2. Can't wait to hear what Joel McHale has to say about it this Friday night.
3. Totally know what little guy you're talking about at CVS. I was there during the big switch-over and he and I were chitchatting about it and he was like "I know. So con-foosing!" I love Irvine.

Carrie said...

I had a love affair with a little space heater named Holmes. It lasted all through my college years in those drafty Provo basement apartments, and even continued on into my marriage, but then I would only see him at work. He kept me warm and cozy all day long in those freezing cold offices. Sadly, our affair ended when I got pregnant. My hormones got all wacky and I got all hot and I never turned on Holmes again. He's still waiting for me in the closet though in case I ever get cold again.

Meredith said...

Carrie, I'm sure one day Holmes will find his role in your day to day once again.

Meredith said...

Carrie, I'm sure one day Holmes will find his role in your day to day once again.