21 June 2009

Text text text

Text message conversation between Sarah and I whilst I sit in painful, sinful boredom at US Bank one last shift on the Sabbath:

Sarah: Heya, coming over for dinner?
Me: Yes. I confirmed with Mom yesterday and she said you'd all wait.
Sarah: Ah. What time? We're having fish.
Me: I get off at 5.
Sarah: That means you must be here at 5:01 or else you'll have to eat with the birds. If you catch my drift. You know. Seeds. And bugs.
Me: 5:01 and 30 seconds.
Sarah: You're pushing it. How are we supposed to swing 30 extra seconds? I suppose you think we can just wait extra amounts of time willy nilly!
Me: I love willy nilly. I crave willy nilly.
Sarah: What are these cookie sandwiches with mayonnaise in the middle? South Beach diet food? *She refers to the chocoloate chip sandwich cookies I made as goodbye gifts for my US Bank co-workers and also for the Father Figure Festivities and as General Sunday Glutton Resources. I was trying to copy cookies As Seen at Boudin San Fransisco hot spot and put extensive smotherings of frosting in betwixt each cookie. I stored them in my parents' freezer, as I made them at their house.
Me: They're for people who understand the virtues of willy nilly. And that's cream of mushroom soup frosting in the middle. *Maybe I should also explain that Cream of Mushroom soup is sort of a joke in our family...we never saw it around much until Elizabeth married into the Jex family, and now it seems to be in everything E cooks, which is a good thing it turns out. Cream o' Mushroom soup is bomb.
Sarah: Ah, Elizabeth's recipe.
Me: She told me I had to learn to make it before reporting to the MTC or I'd get a spanking or go to hell.
Sarah: She was right. That spanking still smarts, doesn't it.
Me: Sometimes Jeff asks me why I grimace every time I take a seat. Why don't you just pour salt on an open wound? And tell me how your engagement photo shoot went?
Sarah: We wore matching overalls and stood in front of the Roxy store making a jazz hands pose. I like to eat mushroom cookies.
Me: Save some for the rest of us!
Sarah: Oh, ok. I'll save some mushroom filling.

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