11 June 2009

me, Me, ME:

- I already returned the clock and got 3 of these mirrors instead. Same price but more dreamy and wraps up the decorating in one fell swoop.

I'll put up a picture of the hung look so you can see how delightful it is.

- After getting the VERBAL offer last Friday, I got the OFFICIAL offer from Snell & Wilmer this morning. Consider me the happiest Paralegal Assistant west of the Mississippi. I am really stoked about this job and can't wait to get my hands dirty in the non-malpractice way.

- Since putting in my 2 weeks notice the banking universe has been out to punish me by weakening my coordination. I've only been at work 3 hours today and I already spilled 75% of my salad all over myself and the floor (goodbye lunch), and then 20 minutes later I spilled Diet Coke. Saints be praised that at least that dries in a fairly invisible hue.

- My phone officially punked out on me for good, and the new iPhone isn't unleashed for 8 more days. I'm feeling quite cut off from the world right now. (Right. There are at most 3 people who might text me while I'm at work. Mom, Jeff, or Lindsey.)

- After much consideration, we've decided that Us Weekly far out-entertains People. Why? Because in the midst of its frivolity, People does make attempts at dignity. Us Weekly just shamelessly goes for all out rock bottom. Because they love the pond scumm. Because this last week the cover had a picture of Kate Gosselin in a bathing suit on the beach and the words, 'Mommy, You're MEAN!' You saw it too, didn't you.

Oh where do I even begin? I watched an episode of that show over a year ago at Elizabeth's house. Didn't think too much of it. Then I've seen it mocked a bit on The Soup, which is of course nothing less than hilarity. Poor family. I can't imagine that whatever sort of a mire they're shlepping through is entirely the fault of husband or wife. BUT, I will say that of COURSE mommy is mean! Thank goodness her kids sometimes call her mean! Not that I've ever donned the Parent Hat, but if my mom had never done anything I considered mean at the time, I'd be an obese bump on a log. No sense of reality. I'd have mush for a noodle. I love it when parents say, "Oh I want my child to just choose his own way" when their child is oh, you know, in elementary school. Do you know what is a really fun thing to do? Get my sister Elizabeth talking about this. She'll invariably say in a very um, strong voice, "Oh, so then what am I here for?? Parents are supposed to PARENT." From my non-mommy/loving aunt and babysitter perch, I understand that kids' creativity and individuality needs to be nurtured, they need to be LOVED and SQUEEZED and KISSED and APPRECIATED and PRAISED, but don't they also need limits and guidance? I sure as hell did when I was growing up. And as one of the most snappy men around, Elder Holland, once said to parents everywhere, "Second only to your love, they need your boundaries."

Anyway, all I'm sayin is, whatever sort of hellish thing it is or isn't to be married to Kate OR Jon Gosselin, at least like my OWN mother she doesn't bow to her childrens' every wim and wish every single minute of the day. Maybe after all the therapy from the tabloid freak show is over, they've got some qualities in their mother that will give them a good shot at a happy life. Sometimes I thought my mom was mean; the story is even told I was 4 when the carpets had been shampooed and after I said, "Mom, remember when you wouldn't let us touch the carpet, and you were a mean old scary old witch??". Tough love and all, sheesh, look at how good I turned out!


[AnnieR] said...

I want a new iPhone. I know. It's a sickness. And it'll happen to you, too...when the next NEXT one comes out.

Katie Waldron said...

Congrats on the JOB!!! I'm so excited for you. Such a nice firm! You are gonna be great.

Hahaha. I saw that US Weekly mag. I feel sooo bad for those kids. :(

Shauna said...

makes total sense why i didnt get a text back from you today. i was thinking "what the? SHE HATES ME!"

be my friend already, i live here now.

Jim Eaton said...

Love the hair.