04 June 2009


- My cell phone has been acting up for a while now. This is actually long, long overdue. I have rotten experiences with cell phones; I lose them, drop them, step on them with stiletto heels, drop them again, fry the battery, etc. The fact that this one has thrived over a year under my supervision, after being used by my brother Cam for almost a year before that, is nothing short of a Meredith Miracle. So in a non-complaining, cup of gratitude runneth over way, I hereby announce it's been acting up for a while. I've been on the Eaton family Sprint plan for about 2 years now; it's up in August. There had been some light talk of us each going our separate ways at that time, but my parents LOVE me. I thought if I just hinted that I'd like to remain cellularly strapped to them (for a rockin monthly rate) they would take it and sprint with it (pun intended). I had been looking with fond eyes on that option lately because it would be more of a cha-ching. I mentioned this in passing to my Dad last night, and he laughed and said, "Oooooh no, we're all disbanding here. Go gitcherown cell phone." I guess I have no choice to become an iPhone snob. That way I can still check Facebook while I'm in my Paralegal classes (which start the 17th!).

- I went with Katie Weaves Waldron to Sonic today. It's in Lake Forest, which will officially become the Mini Sunshine Utah as soon as they cut the ribbon on the Cafe Rio. Who knew that people were missing those slushies so much? It was like a freaking U2 concert. Security abounded, lines wrapped a la King Cobra, and we got RE-ROUTED to the Target up the hill, we were to park there until they slapped a hot pink VIP access pass to Katie's windshield, and then we were granted entrance. The chocolate diet coke was worth it. I'm having, as they commanded, a Super Sonic day.

- Have I ever mentioned that my car alarm is possessed? I've had my car nearly 2 years now, and I could just write a book about the inherent glories of a Scion. However, I bought it when it was a year old, and had an after-market alarm installed. This thing will periodically go off while I'm driving about town. Horn beeping and wailing like there's a fire in town and I'm the only one with power over a hose. While I'm driving?? WHY??? Does it think while I'm zipping along the 405 that someone's likely to stick a hanger down the window? It's done it thrice this week. I have to just wait it out -- usually it lasts 20 seconds or so, and it always happens when I drive alone. It would be better if there were someone in shotgun to laugh about it with me. As it is, I just sit there red in the face and mouthing apologies to the drivers around me who wonder what the heck my problem is.

- Guess who's getting maaarried....ANNIE WARNER!!!

That cute one on the right. I couldn't be more thrilled about the vast number of upcoming nuptials. I think to sing a song of something along the lines of, "LLLoooooooove is a MAny SPLENdored thiiiiiiiing...."


[AnnieR] said...

You'll want to marry your iPhone.

Jim Eaton said...

Uhmmm…so your Daddy kicked your cell phone contract down the stairs and then threw you, and your crummy cell phone, under the bus? Well, little kitten ‘o mine, its time that you and your cell phone left the warmth and security of the reservation and set up your own teepee down by the river. As much as I treasure my role as provider in chief, I also know that even the Momma bird kicks her chicks out ‘o the nest. You’ll love your new iPhone almost as much as I still love you. Love, Dad

Meredith said...

dad, i love you MORE than my un-born future iphone.