27 June 2009

My name is Meredith, and I am an iPhone Cameraholic.

My office is an approximate 7 minute walk from South Coast Plaza.  3 days this week I had no idea what to do on my lunch break, I just knew that I wanted to move around a bit.  SCP is the best place to do it, and despite the weighty temptation, I haven't bought a single thing!  When I was walking back yesterday I noticed this movie ad.  This orphan (as I presume by the homely pigtails and film title she is indeed an orphan,) looks exACtly like a boy Sarah and I know from way back when.  How do I share this with a girl who was at that moment in Newport Beach?  Why, I think Steve Jobs et al have answer to such a question!  Done and done.

Dre baby.

Martha is funny.  She really does have some great comedic timing and knows how to lure a whole hearted chuckle out of me.

I don't work in the Main & Jamboree Office Ocean, but I do work close to these 2 gems, as well as Ashlee, and so to this I say "Neat!"

Now I have to go figure out what to do with my Saturday.

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Melissa Lundquist said...

wait you work next to all of them? how fun! i love your blog Merzy! you are so entertaining and great! I like your green cover on your iphone.

i miss you!
you're my kind of girl.
now get your booty up here and come to some shows with me! xx