21 June 2009


I'm always disappointed by the limited amount of pictures I have of my dad. After some digging, I scrounged up this one I don't believe I've used before: When I was on the yearbook committee in 8th grade I learned you can't republish images.

May 2008

He's funny, he's brainy, he's honest, visionary, introduced me to Joni Mitchell and Moonstruck, and underneath his sarcastic exterior he's got a heart of pure mush.

To the man who's wanted a Harley and a Double Neck Guitar his entire life but deferred to fund piano lessons, a steady supply of string cheese, and dance recital costumes, I say I love you, and Happy Father's Day. You are the dad of the world.

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Jim Eaton said...

Thank you Merzy. You are the greatest kids a man could ever hope for. Love you all.