01 June 2009

if you're one of those people who likes pictures more than words, this post's the one for you!

i'm stealing these pictures from dre. i have a feeling she won't be mad at me. do you know about dre? you're about to find out how unabashedly talented she is. it just makes the heart and mind do flips and somersalts.

yeah the other one wins for all intents and purposes of framedness, but look at my bangs blowing straight out of that beanie! and check out that nostril flare! at a mcomber family reunion THIS would be the winner!

trippy in the best way.

those are our servers, sev right behind me, and sav on the far right. i think those 2 boys deserve every blessing. cruise employment is slave labor in nearly the truest sense.

mike party is also behind muchas fotos yo have robbed.

i call this the "ill-prepared for the weather doll drums and so i borrowed my boyfriend's beanie and look kinda like a hobo in it although he pulls it off very well" look.

we were about to board. ah, to think. at this moment i still had no idea what it was to be "cruising".

the dinner table. together, we got fat.

*fuzzy feelings toward these people*


[AnnieR] said...

I have something to say but want to say it to you in private. I will email you. ooo...intrigue.

dre said...

ah! what sweet sweet words! te amo!

melissa said...

i especially enjoyed the spanglish

ericareynolds said...

Crap, Annie. Now I'm dying of curiosity and ALL I wanted to do was post a little comment on how beautiful Merzy is. So that's what I get for being nice! Humph!

Meredith said...

Don't worry, Erica. Annie was just sharing government secrets.

Meredith said...

Because Annie's in the CIA. Oops.