12 June 2009

Le Cruise: Final Post

I haven't even blogged Vancouver. Jeff says Vancouver has a way of drawing one back. I really would be thrilled if it did. Even Pete Bradshaw, Resident Red Coat, agreed with me when I said some of the city stylings reminded me of London. We had a blast.

Grouse Mountain. I'd never heard of it before I saw it, but hey, it wasn't too shabby!

Keile wins for height, Pete wins for Best Froggie Jump.

Without a doubt, the best way to approach the city is by scooter. We scooted around town all the live long day, squishing them into the same parking stall wherever we stopped and giggling while in motion. We even somehow ended up crossing the Vancouver bridge with most cars speeding by us at 70 mph. Halfway across I think it hit all of us, "What the heck are we DOING?!", but our large number helped us stay conspicuous. I saw a woman lean out her car window and snap a picture of us. Please note my unintentionally pointed toe in this picture. The grace of a ballerina, yes indeed.

Oh the power of a Grouse waterfall.

This picture makes the blog because a) I like the background, b) I like the boy, and c) my hair looks RED in it (???), d) it's a reminder that I should never let my pants get that tight EVER again (this was, after all, day 5 of the binge cruise).


Aubrey said...

Love your pictures! You are so beautiful Merz!

melissa said...

hhahahah!!! binge cruising! oh yes. i miss sav.. and seb... or sab? i don't remember. sad, it's been so long. i'm depressed i didn't get to go see the "pretty" side of vancouv.. we were int he concrete jungle the entire time.