30 June 2009


today i

*ate too much crap.  even now i am still stuffing my face.
*worked till 6.  wooooo big guns!
*stayed up too late to sync and register my iphone which was pointless since i'm getting the new one in a few days.
*met my mom for lunch.
*passed the evening with a familiar face.
*watched mona lisa smile from 11:30 to 11:40 pm.  i have no good excuse for that one, either.
*thought about how awesome it is to get friday off.

what did YOU do today?


dre said...

I drew stuff... I ate lunch with my friends... I went to a country club... laid around for a few hours.... then hung out with more friends... and then i went to bed.

Margaret said...

let's see...

fed a baby
read harry potter
fed a baby
fed my two year old
fed a baby
dance party with Amelia
fed a baby
made Austins birthday cake

you get the idea. oh yea, i also stuffed my face with crap too. but i wish i had lunch with my Aunt Meri.