30 August 2008

2 firsts

fire water. i, meredith kathryn eaton, for the first time in the 5 years i've been legally able, purchased wine.  finally, a reason for my drivers license to say "AGE 21 IN 2003" in a large stripe.  ah but irvine stake members, before you get on your blueteeth to spread the word, let it be known: it's for cooking. all the fermented and inherently evil particles shall be zapped right out in the grilling process involving some stuffed apples.  this recipe is something i intend to kick into the next century on the morrow.

why haven't i seen a woody allen movie yet?  i love neurotic people.  neurotic people are the best.  have you met my family?  have you met me?

i think annie hall and i are going to be fast friends.


liNdsEY aNdERsoN said...

hahahahahah! you took those pics with my computer bc the writing is backwards!! LOL i love you!!!

Annie said...

Long live Annie Hall. Such a great movie. Yes, I think you will love it.