03 August 2008

the mother stallion

i give a sunday's evening high 5 to my sister elizabeth.
here's why: she's mucho pregnant and currently standing on her tile floor (oh the aching feet!) measuring squares for her quintessential-soccer-mom quilt, at 10:00 at night, singing mr. brightside by the killers a la opera.  wait, now she's scatting it.  and now she's bobbing her head along with her own tune, and when i tried to interrupt her she ssh-ed me to better focus on the musical task at hand.  

and she told me a story a little while ago about calling her health insurance provider to clear up some hogwash discrepancy.  i actually have worked a lot with this particular insurance carrier, and know what they weren't being fair and "code following."  the story goes that after elizabeth asked the chronically unhelpful insurance person if she could speak with someone in management, she said, "no, you can't talk to nobody."  in this funny little accent that elizabeth did that was, in fact, quite hilarious.  and do you KNOW what elizabeth did?  she widened her eyes, took a deep breath and moved on with life.  that's why she's elizabeth: a true mother stallion.
*yes i realize that we used to call steve ubl in high school a stallion, but he was the iTALIan stallion, because we were so clever. and anyway, she's the MOTher stallion.

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Erin & Mike Featherstone said...

Elizabeth is the best. I love the post on her blog about how she called into the radio to stand up against porn. Love her!