13 August 2008

just for the record:

1) i do know that the olympian michael is a PHELPS, i just spelled it with an F in the previous post because i'm so impetuous.  isn't it great?

2) driving in CA is a much bigger headache than driving in vegas.  everyone in vegas drives like a maniac, so it works out great because i'm not a GOOD driver, i just drive like everything's emergent and rushed.  and the coppers just truthfully have bigger fish to fry, so they pull you over about as often as a cactus sings an italian aria.  such was the driving delight of vegas.

irvine's a bit different.  your road neighbors go more erratically slowly.  the red lights have this love affair with my car, or i think they do, because i hit every single one. i just want a reason why i hit every red light, that's the one i'll go with.  and when you're zipping through town rushing to an interview, you're about to go into cardiac arrest.  this seems to be caused by the fact that the car in front of you, to the left of you, to the right of you, and yes, the car behind you, is a porsche, a german something or other, a corvette (blech), and a BMW, so the prospect of smashing one with your scion xA is ten times more terrifying.  i can't remember the details of my insurance policy right now, but i know i pay next to nothing for it so a car accident should just not happen right now.

3) i feel like OMH my life's so perf right now.  EFY CLAP!

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liNdsEY aNdERsoN said...

your life is, like, totally fab right now and i, like, totally wish i was in cali. OH WAIT...