23 August 2008

before i forget

i'm back in begas for, among other things, niece's 3rd bday party (i burst into tears even as i type that), and i just have to publish this occurrence before it escapes my short term mem'ry:

niece's princess party guests arrive. the great thing about motherhood seems to be if you just latch onto a few she-friends with children around one of your childrens' ages, odds are the rest of your kids will also be about the same age. the 2-3 year gap between siblings seems to be time tested and true. so it is with elizabeth.

when one of the party guests arrived, the elder brother (who is nephew's age and dear comrade) was at the doorstep for the drop off. this elder brother, whom i shall call G, had his eyes enlarge to the size of lemons and he threw out his arms with all the vigor and vim in his 5 year old frame, like he'd just seen his first trans am.

niece: looking at him like, "i know! i know! i've been gettin that all day, and i'm not sick of it yet!!!"
[G's mother starts to usher him out, now that the little sister has been deposited and is happily squealing with the other princesses.]
nephew's eyes enlarge to the size of canteloupe's. he is absolutely horrified.
nephew: [bodily restraining G] NO! NO YOU CAN'T!!!

sarah whispers to me, "wow. now we know what to expect 14 years from now."

it is a great thing to have a big brother.

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James McOmber said...

That's riotously funny.