28 August 2008


this week sally the sarah has been in the house. i just get a kick out of my sister, never a kick to her. that would be rude.
on my mission she'd make up conversations we could have had, email them to me for p-day, and this was the cause for many a tico looking over my way and thinking in the internet cafes, "my, but gringas do laugh boisterously." she's plucky, she's hard-working, she's frugal, she's a gem. let me give you some visuals:

she's good with kids. and look at heh skin! who does heh hair?

she's snuggly.

her hair blows in the winds when she helps give us a tour of versailles.
not everyone can pull that off.

but after all that, sorry to disappoint fellas,

but she's pretty much taken.

this week we've been getting yogurtland every night like the miserable addicts we are, watching arrested development like the miserable addicts we are, and it's been a grand old time. i happen to be very pleased with this week (except for the fact that i hate my job with the fire of a thousand suns). tomorrow the family is going to an angels game, and i am pretty sure that my life is so basically perfect!

spirit fingers!


Dave Donaldson said...

Wait a second.... wasn't I suppose to marry her?!?!?! Drats!!!

Margaret said...

I love snuggly cousins and I love spirit fingers.

Sarah said...

oh yeah! dave! weren't we supposed to get married when i was like 13? how could i have forgotten?

Sarah said...

p.s. marge- i love YOUR spirit fingers. us mcombers have a way of waving our digits wildly that many envy and try to imitate to absolutely no avail.