31 August 2008


i really loved annie hall.  and i think even in my worst moments, i'm not as neurotic as woody OR diane.  (or does that just mean i AM ultra anxious and uptight?  isn't it long purported that the loony people believe they're NOT crazy, and the lucid amongst us fear unnecessarily for their sanity?)  

my favorite line was, "You know, I don't think I could take a mellow evening because I - I don't respond well to mellow. You know what I mean? I have a tendency to - if I get too mellow, I - I ripen and then rot, you know."

and as for the grilled (or in the end, baked) stuffed apples, it actually turned out ok!  usually when i cook it is a waste of money and time.  the toiled o'er ingredients are as a paper airplane, against all odds, colliding with a firework mid-eruption.  and sizzles all the way to the unfriendly ground.  but this was a redemptive cooking experience, and i'm all a'twitter over it.

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ericareynolds said...

What can't you do? Merzy the Magnificent! I think I'll put your number in my iphone under flat tire and give you a call. You know, this could really be a new job for you. Advertise on TV and swoop down to the helpless male's rescue when he gets a flat. You'll be in a bikini, of course, or it would never work.