25 August 2008

you know you're obsessed with blogging when:

because i'm paranoid that i'll lose my spanish, often i'll translate in my head sentences that i say, are said to me, or things i think. or movie lines.

i realized yesterday that somewhere along the lines, out of deep necessity due to frequent use, i invented a verb, and have conjugations in all tenses.

blogar: to blog

yo - blogo
tu - blogas
el/ella/usted - bloga
nosotros - blogamos
ellos/ellas/ustedes - blogan


yo - blogue
tu - blogaste
el/ella/usted - blogo
nosotros - blogamos
ellos/ellas/ustedes - blogaron


yo - blogaba
tu - blogabas
el/ella/usted - blogaba
nosotros - blogabamos
ellos/ellas/ustedes - blogaban

and so forth. of course these could already exist in the espanish version of google. but the point is when i realized i talk about blogs and the act of blogging enough to merit my own creation in my other language, i didn't know which adjective was more appropriate: pathetic or passionate?
and a lovely monday to you!


brightonislove said...

well at least i know im not addicted to blogging ;) hehe

Aubrey said...

YOU crack me up girl.