27 August 2008

An afternoon of Merzy

for radiohead day i took off the whole afternoon to avoid traffic and play in los angeleeeees. the getty museum is one of my favorite things about southern california, and i was itching to go.
i would have taken these pictures if a) someone had given me my own jet in time and b) if it hadn't been closed on monday. woops.

so i had about 4 hours to kill in santa monica.


basically the driving push for me to throw down mucho dinero i don't have and get an iphone is for the GPS system. i am, most of the time, lost. i do my homework, but usually the navigational fairies forsake me, and this usually causes smoke to pour out of my ears, as i hate to watch my gas tank dial go down while flipping endless -- and usually illegal -- u turns. so i stuck to streets i knew like sepulveda and santa monica blvd until i got tips on where to go. it was an afternoon of merzy time. LA has some extras. i saw 3 transvestites, 2 orthodox jews, and hey, you don't see that in irvine very often.

i window shopped to my heart's content; my quota is indeed filled until late november. i finished my little book club book. i ate at a little french cafe and there learned i don't like soft tofu but i LOVE seaweed. i mostly kept thinking of how i would probably not be able to do this again on a monday afternoon for quite a while. an afternoon free and clear and all to myself? yes please!where the streets have no naaaaame
this is the store where they sold "team aniston" and "team jolie" shirts back in the day when brangelina was still a scandal and not an icon of brady bunch philanthropy. i'm not one of those "uh, wealth disGUSTS me" people, but i did see a dress there that had no discernible shape to it and cost $550.
i just wanted to look around and pretend i was at versailles. but this german accented woman came out and said i could only look if i were a buyer for myself or a client. i told her i was a buyer by profession and she asked, "what are you looking for?" "......a statue......" and then i snapped away like i was very directed and knew this was just the one that my very rich client wanted. then i sneaked out when she wasn't looking so she wouldn't ask for my card or something.

good day, LA!

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Sarah said...

yeah it never works when i lie to people either. i've tried to pretend i've been interested in trying clothes on that i can't afford and inevitably let sales people down when i say, "you know, actually, i'll have to sleep on this decision, i'll buy it when i'm sure", etc etc. these experiences lead me to believe that i would have told that woman, "um, i'm just a girl, can't i just look at the pretty things?"