16 August 2008

today's dazzles

1) i found my new favorite beach. i'd say which beach we went to, but it was demure and uncrowded and fanciful and if i say the exact plot, then shucks, millions will know about it and it'll be like, so freaking congested (i love indirectly fluffing my ego).

1.5) i got buried in the sand for the first time in my life. glad i did it. news flash: it's all fun and games till you're covered in heavy, damp sand, and somewhere down by your stilled fingers you feel something alive and lurking around...then you say, "hey, uh, i think there's a bug crawling around down here with me..." and someone refutes that, reassuring, "nah, it's probably just the sand settling..." and then katie says, "or it's one of these things," and points with her toe to this clear-ish, ugly, NO-business-crawling-by-my-immobile-self bug that's zipping across the mound of sand which covers my torso. no sir, no quick fix there.at least i could communicate my concerns better than this guy:
2) at 7-11 i had a (mostly caffeine free) diet coke with hazelnut flavoring put in. dericious!

3) i returned 3 items to stores from which i currently have no business purchasing items. gene kelly's immortal words, "dignity. always dignity" could be turned into, "self control. always self control."

4) very liberating moment: i think anthropologie has some great ideas on what to wear. i think anthropologie has some great ideas on how to help you go broke in a jiffy. i have realized, after many trips over there to ogle and try on their products, that they also have great ideas for making clothes that don't fit my body type. carved for a different goose and gander. SO, i am free! free at last! i no longer have to sit and wish i had millions of dollars to shop there. i feel like i just got out of a really unhealthy relationship or something. until i have want to start decorating a house or something, and then the cupboard knobs alone make me swoon.

17) it's good to be here in california. it's just a happy place!

5) and yes, yes, michael f/phelps the champion of our lives. he reminds me and mom of cam, which makes me thoroughly miss him. and morgan freeman is apparently psychic, because RIGHT after mikey (as i have affectionately christened him) won his gold numero ocho, there was a GO WORLD commercial with morgan at the narration helm talking about how we'd need new adjectives for the glory thereof. how'd he do that (the omniscience stuff)?!

6) i saw a commercial for a new tv show kath and kim with selma blair and...some guy that looked so familiar...then i realized it's THE CHEEZITS GUY FROM THE DAVID BLAINE SPOOF ON YOUTUBE!!! the power of one...one youtube video.

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Aubrey said...

I love playing with you Merz! Lets do it all over again next Saturday! :)