07 August 2008

last week in las vegas: they'll never really be rid of me.

living in vegas has meant i have had the chance to bond with my nephew and niece like i always wanted to. christmas bonus!

i love them ever so.


Anonymous said...

so, i kinda wanna make a blog. even though i dont know what i would say on it. so i probably would hardly update it. BUT....i need help!!!

Annie and Dan said...

You are moving to Irvine!!! I'm so excited. Can we hangout, please, pretty please.

brightonislove said...


I'm an official blogger

Erin & Mike Featherstone said...

1. Your blog is like Christmas. Every time I check it there is a new awesome post.
2. You need to make me some music CDs. I am seriously struggling and you are always so seriously inspired.
3. Merzy is the best! Good luck on your move.