15 August 2008

i'm the king of the woooorld!

every time i think i don't really like working FOR someone else, which is a lot, my mind starts to pitter patter over options where I would be the big enchilada.

here's what i've come up with today:

-painting houses. inside or out, i care not. i'd listen to my ipod, min' m' bidness, get an arm work out so i can maybe one day ask someone if they got their tickets to the gun show.
-move to costa rica and open up a pulperria, which is basically a mini mart attached to your house where you sell anything from individual chocolates to plantains to coke lite to karate belts to plastic necklaces to breast pumps (the last piece of merchandise was in the chinese-owned pulperria/internet cafe in my first area).
-buy a golden spoon, which i probably would but to afford one i'd have to marry for riches, and by becoming such an one as a gold digger, i wouldn't need to work anymore. also golden spoon isn't franchising any further right now.
-buy millions of vending machines and put them in office parks like the one i currently sit in, where everyone is so weighed down by the dolldrums of the grind that their sugar intake is so incredibly high that at any given moment they are 0.8 seconds away from slipping into a diabetic coma. then i sit back and watch the quarters and the dollah bills roll through the slots. excellent, smithers.


Aubrey said...

sounds like the first day was a REAL good one.

Merzy said...

it wasn't actually horrible, just not something i want to do forever. which i didn't think it was going to be, it just spurs on my introspection and extrospection :).

Margaret said...

Smithers, I owe you a coke.