23 August 2008

a birthday girl song for me

birthday parties take a lot out of everyone involved. the only difference in reaction between children and adults is the adults crash and take naps and the kids continue playing, just a little bit strung out on sugar and a tad grumpy. but niece the bday girl still had room for caring and concern.

sarah, harry, and i all ended up on different couches taking splendid naps. after who knows how long of sleeping, i felt niece climb onto the couch and snuggle up next to me. she started to brush my hair with her barbie brush, she covered me up with her blanket that covers 1/16 of me, and i feigned sleep through it all. and then came her lullabye song thing:

"aunt meerrrrzyyyyyyyy, what's wroooong with yoooooooooou? aunt meeeerzyyyyyyyyyy, what's wrong with yoooooooouu?


James McOmber said...

Also riotously funny. What IS wrong with you?

P.S. I didn't know niece was born a day before I was. So we're the same age. Mentally if not literally.

Hilary and Dave said...

Wonderful, wonderful lullabye. I'm going to start singing that to my kids after a really long, difficult, tantrum-filled day.