29 August 2008

a blog of beauty is born

sometimes lindsey freaks me out with her knowledge of movie lines. i thought i was good, but she could wipe the floor with any movie fanatic any day.
she has taken her blogging chisel and a big ol' phatty hammer and hacked out her own little piece of internet this very day, and has invited me to contribute (among some other lucky ducks).
i think many of us could have entire conversations purely borrowing bits of movie genius.
i think of the screenwriters who toil and suffer and ache for their craft, bent over their computers until the sun peeks o'er the mountain tops, hoping for some director to take a chance on it and, hopefully, not violate it to pieces in the sell-out attempts.
i think it should make them very proud to know their ideas become so well loved and used.
and now i present, fuel for the movie quoter fire:
(drum rollllllllll....curtain opeeeennnnnnss)
see she's so good at this i don't even know what movie that URL is from.

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