29 October 2009

Meredith is currently

Not forming completely coherent sentences all the time because of supreme exhaustion. I know, I know, you're all sayin "so what's the big change??" ba hahahah! Smarter another day I will be when mine is sleep. No that was yoda.

Breaking out like it's 1997.

Freezing -- it looks like global warming gave up on this particular globe. I KNOW I live in southern ca. Alls I'm sayin is, it was 45 deegrees in my apartment when I woke up. Yuck!

Grumpy enough to stop blogging right...about...now!

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25 October 2009

Bust of a 2 days

This weekend was chock full of activities in which I did not want to be activated.

Tonight I shall eat waffles and watch a feature film with this dapper gentleman.

Then the week shall begin anew.

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20 October 2009

Planters + Brachs

I got a fevah. And the only prescription...is moah Fall Mix!


Fall Mix

Those two ingredients scooped together make up the original recipe for Fall Mix, created by Clever Aunt Kathryn.

For fun and fat I typically add some sort of chocolate.

Make it, eat it, love it. Do not delay!

17 October 2009

What We Be Doin

Griffith Observatory. Safest place to spend an earthquake.

Would you care for some smog?

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14 October 2009

Hope you have a good mood in shopping from their company!

Tonight someone hacked into the hotmail account I deleted months ago; it must have had major techie CPR and was revived. How lame: I only deleted the account because it had been my spam junk bucket, and someone had hacked into it and sent the spam email to my other account (along with everyone in my contact list), so I discovered the intrusion and made waste of it all.

It bothers me they were smart enough to hack into my account but moronic enough to send the email to the owner's (my) other (gmail) account. So I got an email from myself. Again. Nice one.

They were also cool enough to not learn English before sending out the advert email to friends and family.....If you weren't lucky enough to receive it, see the fun times below. It is so many hours past my bedtime -- goodnight goodnight!

"hello friend:
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3-5 working days and the quality is high too.i am very satisfaied with their service.
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Hope you have a good mood in shopping from their company!"

13 October 2009


I am a list maker. A maker of lists.

This habit really kicked into high gear on my mission. I would fill up the margins of my planners with endless tabulations of things I wanted to work on that week, my budget, groceries to buy on our day off, things to remember to appreciate when I returned home, quirky anecdotes of the week, etc. This was a time when my lists were most important because for a myriad of reasons, I was more likely to forget any and all of these things if they were not thought of AND subsequently recorded. These lists were borderline journal entries, which makes it very unfortunate that about half of my mission planners are wavy, blurred, rain-soaked pages, as nothing, and I do mean nothing finds sure protection from a Costa Rican deluge. I keep them, though, when I have the emotional intrepidity I'll take a peek at them again to remember the times, remember the days.

Ho hum.

I still do make lists for self-analysis purposes in quiet moments caught, I make grocery lists on my phone while at red lights, and in 3 months of working at my current job I've already cooked through 2 note pads with daily To-Do this and thats.

Today feels like a day for a Spankf -- oh, I mean Thankful List.

1. These Hooligans

2. This Place

3. Not I or anyone I know and love has hair like this (although I currently take ISSUE with the state of my locks!):

4. Soon this shall be erected at a local outdoor mall:


12 October 2009


It was rainy. It was delicious.

It made me wish it were already Thanksgiving etc..

Rainy is my winter.

Jeff and all other Utahns say it's not the Holidays without white fluff.


I say to you that is one of the blessings-in-disguise of growing up in Southern CA. It gives you the moral and emotional fortitude to accept the merry cheer with a palm tree at the end of the road. It didn't kill me, and therefore I am stronger.

May it come ever quicker!

I do love me the winter months.

11 October 2009


Never was there a girl who loved her cousins more than I. My cousins are a rarely achieved combination of all things wonderful. We have our own language of sorts, love A&E, and in my visual of heaven we all live on the same block and eat chocolate truffles and do crafts all the live long day.

This morning Jeff and I made a wee treck out to spend 25 glorious minutes in the presence of the Robert and Kathryn McOmber division. Major squealing on my part. Cuteness abounded. They are too good to be true.

Should have left my sunglasses on.

Thanks be for a forever fam.

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07 October 2009

Hello, boys.

Now I must fish out my knitting needles from some cranny at mother Meri and Jimmy Eato's.

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04 October 2009


Yeah yeah, we all know the air is crisp and the trees are booting their leaves, but do you know what really says autumn to me?

1. The nightmare before Christmas showing on one of the movie channels to which jeff and his roommates do not subscribe.

2. Buying our plane tickets to UT for thanksgiving. Early enough to not pay through BOTH nostrils. Womp womp.

3. Having an unusually large number of people ask me what Jeff and I are going to be for Halloween. I'm thinking The Gosselins. They sell Ed Hardy t-shirts at TJ Maxx these days...

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* surprise, surprise. good conference.
* surprise, surprise. ate enough to last me into 2010.
* surprise, surprise. early onset sunday night blues.

03 October 2009

I just love Conference Weekend, don't you?

*** I haven't gone to spookism. Just a preview of Santa Barbara Labor Day Pictures that I finally got around to uploading. ***