27 November 2009

24 November 2009

The Engagement Post

About a month ago I was leaving work for the day and the doorman said to me as I approached, "Ah, I know that look. That's the look of a girl in love!"

Tis too true!

I have been in love with Sir Jeff Hayes, Esquire for many moons now. As of last night at approximately 8 pm the long-haul nature of our relationship became most official.

This included the most delicious dinner I've ever had, hands down, at the Montage Hotel in Laguna Beach (which meant 3 YEAR OLD CHEESE from the FROMAGE PLATE OF DIVINITY,)

This also included a spell spent at the bonfire on the hotel grounds, and finally, and most importantly, down on the patio right by the shore, included those crucial words of the betrothing kind and a response in the emphatic affirmative. And the securing of this wowzer on my left ring finer (I KNOW!):

I can hardly wipe the silly grin off my face.

By the way, more pictures are coming from the camera with the missing USB cable.

It was really quite perfect, a finer adrenaline rush I've never had. And that is the truth.

Warning: The proceeding could be qualified as a Gush

I can hardly wrap my mind around my excessive good fortune in finding Jeff Hayes (thanks Erica!). He is kind, brilliant, buff, handsome, cultured, has a work ethic that shames Joan Baez, and cooks.

And, major gush, he is my best friend, cracks me up, supports me to the bitter end, and makes me want to to a hitch-kick for joy ALL THE TIME.

I can't count all the times over the last 15 months that he has shown me, in word and deed, through the big things and the small, hard times and the good, that I am one lucky girl to be his girl.

January 23, 2010 you may call me Madame Hayes. I can't wait.

21 November 2009

Cerebral Regurgitations for a Pre-Holiday Weekend Weekend

*** I have been cleaning and reorganizing my room and bathroom. Difficulty run-down: Bathroom = cake. Bedroom = brussel sprouts. It seems the answer to my life's problems lies in the procurement of a bookshelf. I have too many books and the absence of a home for them makes them seem superfluous and/or burdensome. And then I feel guilty; they've done nothing to harm me and everything to help. And I shan't part with my Norton Anthologies, not now, not ever. Nor my 9th grade copy of To Kill a Mockingbird, because not only was that a great book read in a great class (what, what, Mrs. Bretts!), but I drew a flip book episode in the margins one day while one of my classmates, whose name I most tragically cannot remember (I used to be so good at names!), was prattling on about who knows what.

*** Yeah, I saw it. I saw it last night.

We got there 45 minutes before the show started and waited at the end of a line that was about 3 blocks long. The line consisted of 73% young, impressionable teeny boppers with 1 or 2 supervisory mothers per batch, mothers nervous that their young things weren't going to get a good seat if they didn't mow down every other potential audience member as soon as the flood gates of entry were opened. Then I'd say 15% were grown women in GNO bundles, 9% couples where both the man and the woman were intrigued and happy to be there, and 3% like me.

If I were to ever admit to being on a team, it would be Team Werewolf. Werewolves are not so moody. And was anyone else incredibly uncomfortable when she started SCREAMING her head off in her sleep? I cringed every time. Getting dumped by a vampire is NOT worth the voice destruction. Trust me -- I'd know! Bahahahahahahahah! I wish I could have seen it with Margaret and Becca; they would have thrown out some good one-liners.

And it WAS pretty funny when at the end some guy instantly yelled out, "TEASE!"

*** I have been grinding my teeth in my sleep. How does one tell itself mid-slumber, "Hey, knock it off! You've gotta keep those things for 60 more years!"

*** Jeff and I are taking off Tuesdee morning for our lovely deseret. I've not been to Utah since June 2008 and am so pumped and dazzled! Wait I take it back. I was in Utah for 5 minutes in July for Annie's wedding. But this time I shall be there long enough to truly soak it in. I always liked Utah. I'm the girl that gets cold when it's 75 degrees out, so come March as a BYU coed I was a bit distressed by the frigidity, but really, I enjoy a multitude of things about the state and my loved ones there. Does California have Maverick Gas Stations and the pleasing Frozen Yogurt, self serve??? Hmmmm??? Can you perchance run into one of the general leaders of the LDS church in a California Albertsons??? HMMMMMM?

*** I am going to go for a run now. I run again. Whenever I live in Irvine and run it takes place largely on the "Orange Grove Path" which really is an inappropriate title at this point. When Jim and Meri Eato moved to Irvine in 1984, about half a mile behind the house sat some Orange Trees. Loads of them. There was a path on the outskirts that was most lovely to stroll on. We thus called it the Orange Grove Path. Then when I was 12 the trees stopped producing marketable fruit in their old age. Chop, chop, chop. Up go the Mini McMansions. I have several friends whose parents still live in them. And they built an even prettier running/walking path with 1 side of dirt path for horse back riders (I've never seen 1 pony there). We still inappropriately and illogically call it the Orange Grove Path. And through my seasons of running, in chubby times and thin, that is the one thing that has remained true, ever true and constant. And I'm going to go say hello to it right...about....NOW!

18 November 2009

Meredith got glasses.

Meredith has never had them before.

Meredith was told last week by her optometrist that she has astigmatism.

Astigmatism is when the invisible whatever over the color of your eye is oval, when it should be circular.

This is why things appear blurry much of the time in Meredith's world. Because of Astigmatism.

If Meredith were still in Costa Rica they would say it is an Estigmatism.

Meredith has a headache from wearing her new glasses today.

Meredith's optometrist warned her of this.

Meredith looks at her reflection and thinks, "Huh?? Who IS that??"

Meredith's supposes she will get used to it.

15 November 2009

Yesterday I

- worked
- went to lunch with Jeff's charming aunt, uncle, and cousins at the Pei Wei with the tres impressive soda machine that offers seemingly endless soda and juice options. It's like a liquid dispensing smart phone.
- hauled the spectacularly arranged bridal bouquets and boutteniers to the Newport temple to be pinned and handed to these stunners as they greeted their first bit of fresh air as an eternally linked pair

Then I worked a bit more, sprinted to the grocery store, then Jeffrey and I sprinted to the lovely wedding reception.

Gold dipped fringe benefit of a wedding: seeing friends you might not see otherwise. This reunion with dancing fiends Brad and Lacey Arave led to an after party at the Nicklecade. So what if the words "Meredith Eaton" and "nickel nickel" have never been uttered within an hour of each other! It was really fun! K fine I'll prove it.

Jeff is a pro skater in attorney clothing.

To rap it all up with awesomeness: slept in till 11 am. I am ready to start the week anew.

-- Post From My iPhone

13 November 2009

meh and wow!

things have been busy. you could say it's nearly the best of times and the worst of times, because while i am happy, cozy, and interested in what's going on in and around me, i'm just tired, and if you know me well you know i wear tired about as well as i wear magenta pleather.

not withstanding the aforementioned and ongoing exhaustion, i would now like to throw out just a few images that are pretty lovely.

this chub-a-lub turned 1 a few days ago. 1!!! remember when she was new and fresh and pink? this lamb hasn't lost a hair from atop her head, says some little words, and plays fetch with the doggie. she's also starting to walk, which means those rolls below will sadly diminish.

honestly! where does this girl come from?? i just want to nibble on her all day long.

i have some very fantastic memories of annie warner's wedding in late july. she finally posted some pictures and i nabbed this one, because it softens my cold and hard heart. i love weddings.

i clicked on my friend katie's blog tonight and saw she'd changed her banner to something like this. i almost fell off my chair laughing. anybody wanna get me this for christmas?? i'll take this over a snuggie. www.urbanoutfitters.com

12 November 2009

Driver Gripes

I am not a perfect driver. Take that statement as far or near as you want to.

But just on the off-chance that some of the people who are really smokin my patience read this blog (of late: you Silver 4-Runner and Black BMW, CA plates), I will now give some tips the DMV driver could be proud of:

1. I do NOT love it when all ye who are making right hand turns in the midst of a nice, long stretch of road just stay in it and slow down to what I would like to call a near-complete stop, and then while completely in the lane, make your turn. Please, get you and your bumper over into the broken bike lane; just because YOU need to pull into the Vons shopping center, it should not mean the rest of us need to lose all our momentum.

Ooh I feel better already. Continuing on....

2. All ye who are turning and ahead of you a yielding car awaits your passing: If you're going to turn away before you get to me, USE that blinker -- you paid for its faculties! Then the yielder (ME) won't sit and wait for naught. What if the last drizzles of my diet coke buzz were quickly evaporating and I needed to get to the nearest soda fountain, STAT??

3. This last one applies to those who frequent the Main/Jamboree 405 Freeway entrance: READ the sign. 2 cars are allowed to peel out from each of the 3 lanes PER green light. 2. 2. I know -- CA does have its moments of generosity! Imagine! But really, there's a reason that entrance is so backed up. READ the sign. Please.
Can you tell it's Friday tomorrow?


11 November 2009


Do you want to know what's getting me really excited??

I shall tell you.

Less than 2 weeks until lift-off!

07 November 2009

Real Men Eat Rocky Road

By my office there's a little eating place called "HAN'S ICE CREAM AND DELI". The sign is ailing a bit and the first time I saw it I thought it read "MAN'S ICE CREAM AND DELI". (Maybe it's not just the sign that's ailing; I need to get me some glasses soon, too.) Anyway, I thought about how cool that would be if it really were a sort of guy hang out spot, focusing shamelessly on that calcium which bulges with sugar. What would it be like? Ice cream of every extract would be lopped into giant stainless steel mugs, spoons would have dips of the appropriate generosity. Flat screens would need to line every inch of every wall, with all those shows the men folk worship like ESPN, CNN, whatever video game is in vogue, and maybe the one in the bottom corner would show the series finale of Friends on loop for the particularly downtrodden son of man. There's a big hole in the middle of the Bean Bag and/or Recliner littered floor where emptied ice cream mugs can be chucked and never seen again; there are never dishes to be done in a man's sanctuary of cream. Because of congratulatory moments or tragedy, or just the wind-down of an exhausting day, there could often be heard between friends, "Hey, meet ya for some mint chocolate chip at 6."

That's about as far as my imagination of what they'd want will take me.

Since it doesn't exist yet, all I can tell you is if you want a sandwich and a cone and tire of Subway, Quizno's, Dreyer's, etc., check out Han's on Bristol and Calleen's Commons.

**I tried to find a google image shot to put in this post, but everything I put into the search field procured results that were just too weird. "Man eating ice cream" or "Tired man" or "Stainless Steel Mug" etc....nothing fit. Anyway, I give myself credit for the attempt.

01 November 2009

So Lazy it Invoked Fear

Last year we cared.

This year we sickies convalesced with the Eaton fam in front of the only Hitchcock ever made with Paul Newman and Julie Andrews.

We had some trick-or-treaters. Fewer than in years past, but still, children and a few of the Northwood High School junior class showed up to pillage.

I gave the 17 year olds cans of string beans.

Happy Halloween and praise the skies for pushing the clocks an hour back!