30 June 2009


today i

*ate too much crap.  even now i am still stuffing my face.
*worked till 6.  wooooo big guns!
*stayed up too late to sync and register my iphone which was pointless since i'm getting the new one in a few days.
*met my mom for lunch.
*passed the evening with a familiar face.
*watched mona lisa smile from 11:30 to 11:40 pm.  i have no good excuse for that one, either.
*thought about how awesome it is to get friday off.

what did YOU do today?

27 June 2009

My name is Meredith, and I am an iPhone Cameraholic.

My office is an approximate 7 minute walk from South Coast Plaza.  3 days this week I had no idea what to do on my lunch break, I just knew that I wanted to move around a bit.  SCP is the best place to do it, and despite the weighty temptation, I haven't bought a single thing!  When I was walking back yesterday I noticed this movie ad.  This orphan (as I presume by the homely pigtails and film title she is indeed an orphan,) looks exACtly like a boy Sarah and I know from way back when.  How do I share this with a girl who was at that moment in Newport Beach?  Why, I think Steve Jobs et al have answer to such a question!  Done and done.

Dre baby.

Martha is funny.  She really does have some great comedic timing and knows how to lure a whole hearted chuckle out of me.

I don't work in the Main & Jamboree Office Ocean, but I do work close to these 2 gems, as well as Ashlee, and so to this I say "Neat!"

Now I have to go figure out what to do with my Saturday.

24 June 2009

Some things on the good list:

- sleep. Buckets and buckets of shut eye. Being a bit under the weather, my body didn't even seembto register the extended visit in sugarplum land on Tuesday, but this morning it was duly noted and I feel mostly better. I am off to bed here in but a moment in hopes that one more night filled to bursting with REM cycles will be just the trick to fully supporting the "save the Kleenex" campaign.

- my sister E was born! 20-something years ago today. What a wonder. Love that skally wag.

- my other wee sister gets married one month from tomorrow. This Is terrif news not only because of what it is all on its own, but because of the gem-like people who will make themselves physically present for the whole thing. It's enough to make one willing to go on a date with newly single Jon Gosselin (pfffffft ok maybe nothing is ever going to make thAT appealing).

- I haven't felt truly sucked into a book in a while. I've always preferred short stories but it's been a very long while since I felt connected to the characters and their gig. I've been pecking away at a book of boo's when I'm over there and today I realized I've missed it! I'm excited to know what comes next. A 21 gun salute is in order. Perhaps a woot as well.

It takes a long frickin time to blog on an iPhone.

Recent source of buyer's remorse:

I now own an iphone. That means I stared at a rectangle for about 2 hours straight tonight.

21 June 2009


I'm always disappointed by the limited amount of pictures I have of my dad. After some digging, I scrounged up this one I don't believe I've used before: When I was on the yearbook committee in 8th grade I learned you can't republish images.

May 2008

He's funny, he's brainy, he's honest, visionary, introduced me to Joni Mitchell and Moonstruck, and underneath his sarcastic exterior he's got a heart of pure mush.

To the man who's wanted a Harley and a Double Neck Guitar his entire life but deferred to fund piano lessons, a steady supply of string cheese, and dance recital costumes, I say I love you, and Happy Father's Day. You are the dad of the world.

Text text text

Text message conversation between Sarah and I whilst I sit in painful, sinful boredom at US Bank one last shift on the Sabbath:

Sarah: Heya, coming over for dinner?
Me: Yes. I confirmed with Mom yesterday and she said you'd all wait.
Sarah: Ah. What time? We're having fish.
Me: I get off at 5.
Sarah: That means you must be here at 5:01 or else you'll have to eat with the birds. If you catch my drift. You know. Seeds. And bugs.
Me: 5:01 and 30 seconds.
Sarah: You're pushing it. How are we supposed to swing 30 extra seconds? I suppose you think we can just wait extra amounts of time willy nilly!
Me: I love willy nilly. I crave willy nilly.
Sarah: What are these cookie sandwiches with mayonnaise in the middle? South Beach diet food? *She refers to the chocoloate chip sandwich cookies I made as goodbye gifts for my US Bank co-workers and also for the Father Figure Festivities and as General Sunday Glutton Resources. I was trying to copy cookies As Seen at Boudin San Fransisco hot spot and put extensive smotherings of frosting in betwixt each cookie. I stored them in my parents' freezer, as I made them at their house.
Me: They're for people who understand the virtues of willy nilly. And that's cream of mushroom soup frosting in the middle. *Maybe I should also explain that Cream of Mushroom soup is sort of a joke in our family...we never saw it around much until Elizabeth married into the Jex family, and now it seems to be in everything E cooks, which is a good thing it turns out. Cream o' Mushroom soup is bomb.
Sarah: Ah, Elizabeth's recipe.
Me: She told me I had to learn to make it before reporting to the MTC or I'd get a spanking or go to hell.
Sarah: She was right. That spanking still smarts, doesn't it.
Me: Sometimes Jeff asks me why I grimace every time I take a seat. Why don't you just pour salt on an open wound? And tell me how your engagement photo shoot went?
Sarah: We wore matching overalls and stood in front of the Roxy store making a jazz hands pose. I like to eat mushroom cookies.
Me: Save some for the rest of us!
Sarah: Oh, ok. I'll save some mushroom filling.

20 June 2009

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

I would that his movie were out today. I wondered for a second why Hollywood took so long to remake Sherlock Holmes, but then I realized they needed Robert Downey Jr. to sober up and Jude Law to distance himself from the nanny scandal. Time takes time.

I can hardly wait. (!!!!!)

19 June 2009


I went to my parents' house today, on my fantastically fantastic day off, with the intent of some laundry cleansing.  There I saw the loveliest thing ever: the hatchlings of the ducks that camp out for spring in the backyard.  There is something so inspiring about new life.  It makes you want to be a better person to match the tender innocence of their fresh little beings.  Those ducklings melted my heart.  

18 June 2009

Movin on.

Have you ever woken up one morning and been just SICK TO DEATH of every song you have on your iPod or in the CD case? I have been driving in silence all day, as I can't think of one single song I have within my grasp that I'm NOT overdosed on. I don't want a guy with a guitar (think BYU dorms + acoustic), I don't want a brother with his gold chains, I don't want an AI alumni, I don't want girl power, I have absolutely no clue what my ears are missing.

I need suggestions, my lovelies.


If you don't know what GOOP is, I'm not going to tell you.  I invite you to google it if you're willing to expend the energy.  

This is MOOP:


I'm always trying different chocolate chip cookie recipes.  I've been mining for the concoction that would win a place so dear to my taste buds that I could give it the "you and only you."   It will become MY cookie route, and when this phase of life is applicable, every Sunday afternoon I'll bake them with my younglings while Anne of Green Gables streams from the televiz.  It might be too early to tell, but this recipe might be the winner.  I take a couple of liberties -- I used wheat flour, and 3/4 pound of a Belgian Chocolate Bar (with almonds) which I cut into chunks.  "I do not profess to be an expert in the field of [cooking]", but I can say that this recipe has had the most zealous following yet.


I'm skipping this one.  I've already talked this blog away about Canada, which I obviously and surprisingly loved, and so I shan't revisit that vacay topic now, and everywhere else I might put I haven't been (yet); I only imagine it to be marvelous.  And once I get to thinking about how marvelous some unseen destination might be, I start to get cranky because I have no reason to believe I'll get there any time soon.  Buh.  Not only is my MOOP supposed to be superficially deep, but it is also supposed to radiate serenity, and this section is foiling that.  Buh again.


A refrigerator.  Oh, you already have one?  Well, my inner MOOP is urging me to just make sure.  My apartment didn't have one until today, and let me tell you, there are only so many times you can enjoy take out for dinner.  I felt at peace with the world while at the grocery store tonight, picking up items that I knew I could stash away in a cold closet.  Dre Filio sighting, by the way.  Albertsons.  10:45 pm.  She's so cool.


Visit these impossibly perfect dreams as soon as you are able, and squeeze them good!


A bridesmaid 3 weekends in a row this summer.  I looooove weddings; they're all about the fuuuture, and they're fragrannnnnnnt and pretty and I happen to LOVE the pairings, and nary a Bridezilla in sight, so BING!  I'm down in a most up way.  (P.S. Blogger quirk: My spell check took issue with the way I just typed "future" but not with the way I typed "fragrant."  ??)


When I was a wee lass, most Saturday afternoons my dad would rent a movie for the family to watch that night.  My parents had no stomach for new releases like The Mighty Ducks or Free Willy; indeed the likelihood of being rented by Jimmy Eato increased in direct correlation to the film's age.  Most movies I was raised on were thick on the themes of "Improving Socio-Economic Status While Appeasing Demands of the Heart" and "Surviving Child Birth, both Mother and Child".  Nice.  Each flashed a frame of "THE END" in swirly letters at its close, and the credits did/could not scan across the screen.  Good times.  I really wouldn't trade it for all the Emilio Estevez movies in the world.  Here's one of my childhood favorites:

There you have it.  MOOP.

16 June 2009

Do you read seriouslysoblessed.blogspot.com?

And now I'm going to go jump off a bridge. Good thing I already returned my clock.
I have a class that starts today. I almost forgot about it. Could have been bad. I still need to buy books. I'm not going to beat myself up for this near slip because hey, I haven't been a student since 2006.

Al Roker ripped Speidi apart on The Today Show. Warmed my cold heart.

I was just notified that I can indeed use a space heater at my new job that starts Monday. Saints be praised! I'm that person that wears a sweatshirt in the middle of August.

I bought too many raspberries at Costco on Saturday. I think I might revisit Preserves making. Elizabeth and I made some killer Rubarb Strawberry Jam in September 2007.

This morning before work I went to CVS for some Krazy Glue (a shoe catastrophe needed solving). I had my US Bank pin on because it's hot. The cute little Chinese man who's worked there since the days CVS was Sav-On was there while I paid for my super-human glue. He pointed to my pin and asked in broken English about checking accounts. OOoooh, sales! I started telling him about it and he said he'd come in. When I went on my lunch break I took him the paper work to make it easy on him (nudged by my manager). He said he still wanted to come in and do it there, which was fine with me. I'd fulfilled my obligation. But he must have been tickled that I'd done that for him, because as I was saying my goodbyes he put a Hershey bar in a little baggie and with a little smile said, "A treat fo' you!" It made my day.

15 June 2009

So rude.

This morning within 5 minutes of getting to work a customer came in to yell at me. I think she decided to do it on Saturday afternoon and planned for the next day and a half for Monday morning, because she had some good lines in there that could not have been conjured spur-of-the-moment. Brevity was not in her cards. It was of no importance that the error she accused me of was not mine, didn't even exist, or that it didn't even have any impact on her life. She just wanted someone to chuck all her firey anger at, and she picked me. She even brought a friend who sat there with a smirk. It distantly reminded me of when they'd bring a companion to the public hanging of an innocently charged (and probably very kind and dutiful) prisoner. "Hey I hear someone's about to be totally unjustly ended! Can I come watch???!!" "Certainly! Nothing I'd rather do on my Monday morning than enjoy it with you!" After she had her fill trying to squash me, she seemed very happy with herself and left her contact information and barked at me to call her when I had drawn up a letter confirming that the non-existent explosion had in fact, done no damage to her credit. It was kind of fun to do this, for in the writing of the letter I ever so slyly proved that there had been no mistake in the first place, and that she never stood to lose anything. I feel I've edited enough of Jeff's thises and thats to know how to use legal jargon to make it sound very intimidating and high-falooting. Despite the healing qualities of that letter I still felt a smidge deflated and vengeful, but knowing these emotions would come to nothing, I thought to better days...days like the ones that made up this weekend. Please don't expect grammatical structure in the blogging that follows...................


  • Worked and got off early. Awesome. I loathe the time in between putting in notice and actually returning the proverbial vault keys. It's awkward, it passes slowly, it is bleh. Getting off early was just the ticket.
  • Went to my parents' and made some cookies.
  • Watched a movie with the bereft-of-fiance Sarah, or at least part of a movie. She fell asleep rather quickly.
  • Ended the night with a meaty chat in a room filled with Jeff H., Michelle H., Peter B., and James A.
  • Returned to apartment and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


  • First Saturday off in months.
  • Went to brunch (how much fun is it to say that word?!) at a cozy little Galley and pretended to be a Newpsie.
  • Toodled around town with Michelle H. and was sufficiently dazzled by her company, and sufficiently heartsick over the unattainable snazziness of the items we browsed in Anthropologie.
  • Went to run a couple of errands too boring to inflict upon anyone.
  • Went to Hollywood with the two Hayes and was thrilled by the fact that Debbie Reynolds was wearing heels when she left her mark in the cement at Grauman's Chinese Theater.
  • Wondered why I've let so much time slip by in between viewings of the best movie of all time. See Exhibit A.

Exhibit A

  • Returned home at 1am with a cookie and ice cream in my stomach.
  • Ice cream had been Peanut Butter; there had been no restraint.
  • Fell asleep so fast I didn't even notice or care that my apartment was a mad house.
  • ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  • Ward Counciling. Didn't even mind it. People in ward are funny.
  • Consumed copious amounts of cookies on the 7 minute drive home.
  • Left remaining cookies in car in between Ward Council and church, thereby allowing the excessively allotted chocolate in cookies to melt in ripening summer weather and ruining possibilities of eating cookies in church. Feel like a bad person for not supplying treats.
  • Enjoy church. Good meetings. Missed it a lot working so many Sundays at bank. Wished US Bank wasn't so keen on keeping some branches open 7 days a week.
  • Went home from church. Talked to mom. Mom knows everything and is the wisest woman of any I ever knew.
  • Ate a DELICIOUS dinner cooked by one Michelle H.
  • Went on walk on beach. Felt spoiled to live 1 mile away from the water. Wished Annie Garlock was living closer to water too.
  • Received text messages from my brother-in-law on walk. Seems he enjoys his Palm Pre. If you're wondering what that is, talk to him. He'll tell you.
  • Ate Fudgsicle.
  • Watched Kobe mumble about winning and how cool it is.
  • Was perplexed at why the NBA people seemed so determined to extract from the adrenaline flooded professional athletes an answer to the question, "Why is this 4th victory so different?!?!?!" Thought it's probably not that different. They sought victory because it is their job and the obtained it. Just means 5 houses in the Hamptons instead of 3.
  • Went to Irvine to watch Ghost Town with Mom and Sarah. Decided a Ricky Gervais movie on a Sunday night with 2 of the most astounding women the world has ever known is a delight more people should know, but I have them to myself -- HAHA!
  • ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

My weekend in summation. I like my life a whole lot.

12 June 2009

Le Cruise: Final Post

I haven't even blogged Vancouver. Jeff says Vancouver has a way of drawing one back. I really would be thrilled if it did. Even Pete Bradshaw, Resident Red Coat, agreed with me when I said some of the city stylings reminded me of London. We had a blast.

Grouse Mountain. I'd never heard of it before I saw it, but hey, it wasn't too shabby!

Keile wins for height, Pete wins for Best Froggie Jump.

Without a doubt, the best way to approach the city is by scooter. We scooted around town all the live long day, squishing them into the same parking stall wherever we stopped and giggling while in motion. We even somehow ended up crossing the Vancouver bridge with most cars speeding by us at 70 mph. Halfway across I think it hit all of us, "What the heck are we DOING?!", but our large number helped us stay conspicuous. I saw a woman lean out her car window and snap a picture of us. Please note my unintentionally pointed toe in this picture. The grace of a ballerina, yes indeed.

Oh the power of a Grouse waterfall.

This picture makes the blog because a) I like the background, b) I like the boy, and c) my hair looks RED in it (???), d) it's a reminder that I should never let my pants get that tight EVER again (this was, after all, day 5 of the binge cruise).

11 June 2009

me, Me, ME:

- I already returned the clock and got 3 of these mirrors instead. Same price but more dreamy and wraps up the decorating in one fell swoop.

I'll put up a picture of the hung look so you can see how delightful it is.

- After getting the VERBAL offer last Friday, I got the OFFICIAL offer from Snell & Wilmer this morning. Consider me the happiest Paralegal Assistant west of the Mississippi. I am really stoked about this job and can't wait to get my hands dirty in the non-malpractice way.

- Since putting in my 2 weeks notice the banking universe has been out to punish me by weakening my coordination. I've only been at work 3 hours today and I already spilled 75% of my salad all over myself and the floor (goodbye lunch), and then 20 minutes later I spilled Diet Coke. Saints be praised that at least that dries in a fairly invisible hue.

- My phone officially punked out on me for good, and the new iPhone isn't unleashed for 8 more days. I'm feeling quite cut off from the world right now. (Right. There are at most 3 people who might text me while I'm at work. Mom, Jeff, or Lindsey.)

- After much consideration, we've decided that Us Weekly far out-entertains People. Why? Because in the midst of its frivolity, People does make attempts at dignity. Us Weekly just shamelessly goes for all out rock bottom. Because they love the pond scumm. Because this last week the cover had a picture of Kate Gosselin in a bathing suit on the beach and the words, 'Mommy, You're MEAN!' You saw it too, didn't you.

Oh where do I even begin? I watched an episode of that show over a year ago at Elizabeth's house. Didn't think too much of it. Then I've seen it mocked a bit on The Soup, which is of course nothing less than hilarity. Poor family. I can't imagine that whatever sort of a mire they're shlepping through is entirely the fault of husband or wife. BUT, I will say that of COURSE mommy is mean! Thank goodness her kids sometimes call her mean! Not that I've ever donned the Parent Hat, but if my mom had never done anything I considered mean at the time, I'd be an obese bump on a log. No sense of reality. I'd have mush for a noodle. I love it when parents say, "Oh I want my child to just choose his own way" when their child is oh, you know, in elementary school. Do you know what is a really fun thing to do? Get my sister Elizabeth talking about this. She'll invariably say in a very um, strong voice, "Oh, so then what am I here for?? Parents are supposed to PARENT." From my non-mommy/loving aunt and babysitter perch, I understand that kids' creativity and individuality needs to be nurtured, they need to be LOVED and SQUEEZED and KISSED and APPRECIATED and PRAISED, but don't they also need limits and guidance? I sure as hell did when I was growing up. And as one of the most snappy men around, Elder Holland, once said to parents everywhere, "Second only to your love, they need your boundaries."

Anyway, all I'm sayin is, whatever sort of hellish thing it is or isn't to be married to Kate OR Jon Gosselin, at least like my OWN mother she doesn't bow to her childrens' every wim and wish every single minute of the day. Maybe after all the therapy from the tabloid freak show is over, they've got some qualities in their mother that will give them a good shot at a happy life. Sometimes I thought my mom was mean; the story is even told I was 4 when the carpets had been shampooed and after I said, "Mom, remember when you wouldn't let us touch the carpet, and you were a mean old scary old witch??". Tough love and all, sheesh, look at how good I turned out!

09 June 2009

Truly, a Night of Wonderful Entertainment.

I watched these two treats tonight with m' boys Jeff, Pete, and James. And I thought life had peaked when I met Eddie Winslow in LA when I was 7.

Father's Wisdom

So my dad is pretty much fabulous. Go read the comment he left on the previous post. There's no one else like him.

I remember once I broke up with a guy and it had been a big relationship; we almost took it up for the long haul. I also had to drive from Utah to Vegas in a snow storm at 4am the next morning, went straight to work, and then came home late. I was exhausted, worried I'd made the wrong decision, and my family all wanted the story. By the time my dad got on the phone my eyes were very leaky. This is how the conversation went:

Dad: Merzy?
Me: [sniffle slurp] Yeah?
Dad: Take tonight, get Mormon Drunk, get a good night's sleep, start tomorrow fresh. You will be ok.
Me: [sniff sniff sniff] What's Mormon Drunk?
Dad: ....A whole bag of chocolate chips?

Love you, Dad.

08 June 2009

Deco 411

I remember when my mom and I met Sarah in our London hotel, she was a little deflated. The place wasn't as bright and shiny as it had been 6 years earlier when she and Elizabeth were guests, and she wondered out loud if we should change to another hotel. "NO," said I. Not only did I not want to lug my wheel-deficient duffel bag (what was I thinking?!) one inch further, but it was a hotel we would only need for sleeping. I didn't plan on wasting one waking second of our Euro time in our boarding locale, be it a hostile or Gwyneth's.

So has been my life in Huntington. I haven't spent much time at home. Even when I was unemployed, I would sleep in and then go window shopping (glutton for punishment?) or bake cookies at my parents' house to keep from going crazy. My apartments in college and in Vegas were never decorated much because I suppose I didn't plan on staying that long, and didn't want to spend the money. Kapeesh?

After 1 month in Irvine at my beauteous parents', I'm at large in HB once again. I don't know what it is about this apartment, but I feel like I've got to at least make it something of my own. I went to TJ Maxx today in search of a wall hanging. What a disaster. I am nothing if not a yo-yo buyer, and it's the retail world's own fault for creating such generous return policies at every turn. I found a couple of things I might like but I couldn't picture liking them for the long-ish haul. I finally decided on something, waited in line about 3 years to pay for it, realized the price tag had fallen off it and it was the last one in the store, and I was already starting to hate it so I said, "Oh, that's ok, I think I'll just pass on it for now," and skeedaddled.

I went to Target and bought an awesome clock I've been eyeing for a few months. It's huge. And if I hate the way it looks in 2 weeks, I can't get rid of it because it's functional. I have this weird thing with clocks ever since I saw the movie Walk the Line. Yeah, this is totally mortifying what I'm about to say but at least I'm not saying it from the pulpit on the first Sunday of the month: You know that scene when Johnny Cash is trying to get his first record deal in that tiny studio? The producer isn't buying it and he cuts them off early. When Cash argues he didn't let them "bring it home," the producer just cuts in with,

"If you was hit by a truck and you was lying out there in that gutter dying, and you had time to sing one song. Huh? One song that people would remember before you're dirt. One song that would let God know how you felt about your time here on Earth. One song that would sum you up. You tellin' me that's the song you'd sing?"

Anyway, that was a good part of that movie. It beckoned us to the land of self-reflection. Yeah, I know, I know, lame.

Anyway, I bought a clock because I'm taking decorative baby steps.

Why do I blog again?

07 June 2009

It's your birfday, it's your birfday, we gon party like it's your birfday.

It's Sarah's 23rd bday! An auspicious girl and an auspicious occasion.
I'm quite on auspision overload.
Love you, Sar.

06 June 2009

where do i sign?!

after almost a year of either being unemployed or working a job that made me feel grim about the future,


one that i wanted, really really wanted.
i will be working as a paralegal assistant at a righteous firm in costa mesa. props be to ashlee macdonald for watching out for a fellow daughter of zion.
i can finally stop hopping around, i can just plant some roots and GROW with a company.
i celebrated by stuffing my face with an inordinate amount of potato wedges and sweet potato fries. i'm really into potatoes lately. and then jeff and i made nachos. why do all my most triumphant moments in life need to be followed by things that clog my arteries?

i'm still vibrating for excitement, relief, and gratitude.

and yes, mike cunningham DID take this photo.

04 June 2009


- My cell phone has been acting up for a while now. This is actually long, long overdue. I have rotten experiences with cell phones; I lose them, drop them, step on them with stiletto heels, drop them again, fry the battery, etc. The fact that this one has thrived over a year under my supervision, after being used by my brother Cam for almost a year before that, is nothing short of a Meredith Miracle. So in a non-complaining, cup of gratitude runneth over way, I hereby announce it's been acting up for a while. I've been on the Eaton family Sprint plan for about 2 years now; it's up in August. There had been some light talk of us each going our separate ways at that time, but my parents LOVE me. I thought if I just hinted that I'd like to remain cellularly strapped to them (for a rockin monthly rate) they would take it and sprint with it (pun intended). I had been looking with fond eyes on that option lately because it would be more of a cha-ching. I mentioned this in passing to my Dad last night, and he laughed and said, "Oooooh no, we're all disbanding here. Go gitcherown cell phone." I guess I have no choice to become an iPhone snob. That way I can still check Facebook while I'm in my Paralegal classes (which start the 17th!).

- I went with Katie Weaves Waldron to Sonic today. It's in Lake Forest, which will officially become the Mini Sunshine Utah as soon as they cut the ribbon on the Cafe Rio. Who knew that people were missing those slushies so much? It was like a freaking U2 concert. Security abounded, lines wrapped a la King Cobra, and we got RE-ROUTED to the Target up the hill, we were to park there until they slapped a hot pink VIP access pass to Katie's windshield, and then we were granted entrance. The chocolate diet coke was worth it. I'm having, as they commanded, a Super Sonic day.

- Have I ever mentioned that my car alarm is possessed? I've had my car nearly 2 years now, and I could just write a book about the inherent glories of a Scion. However, I bought it when it was a year old, and had an after-market alarm installed. This thing will periodically go off while I'm driving about town. Horn beeping and wailing like there's a fire in town and I'm the only one with power over a hose. While I'm driving?? WHY??? Does it think while I'm zipping along the 405 that someone's likely to stick a hanger down the window? It's done it thrice this week. I have to just wait it out -- usually it lasts 20 seconds or so, and it always happens when I drive alone. It would be better if there were someone in shotgun to laugh about it with me. As it is, I just sit there red in the face and mouthing apologies to the drivers around me who wonder what the heck my problem is.

- Guess who's getting maaarried....ANNIE WARNER!!!

That cute one on the right. I couldn't be more thrilled about the vast number of upcoming nuptials. I think to sing a song of something along the lines of, "LLLoooooooove is a MAny SPLENdored thiiiiiiiing...."

03 June 2009


I have been to 2 job interviews in the past 48 hours.

Job interviews are like dates. You have to dress like you care but aren't trying too hard. I have to fight the impulse to play with my hair (my neon flashing sign o' "Word up, y'all, I'm nervous!"), and can tell pretty quickly if it's something I want to pursue further or not (and consequently either spend the rest of the time wondering why I did this to myself, and wishing I were watching Gilmore Girls at home, OR hoping they notice my divine nature and endearing skillz). If it is going well, the final 10 seconds of the ordeal are the most nerve-racking. In the case of a first date/interview, you wouldn't hope for the job offer/goodnight lip mash at first parting -- wouldn't that be oddly hasty? I mean, unless you're 2 minutes from reporting to the MTC or harboring hopes of joining the Hogi Yogi team. If not, you just want some reason to believe you'll meet again to explore compatibility on a meatier level. An "I had a great time; we should do it again sometime," and maybe a swift hug. Or an "It was a pleasure to meet you; we'll be in touch," with a firm handshake.

And then you wait by the phone and when that gets old you make yourself busy with arts and crafts..................................................................................

02 June 2009

Something to Miss:

Living in Huntington Beach

Irvine just feels so far away.

Something NOT to miss:

Working at Veg Prep for BYU Catering. I worked from 6am to 10am and then smelled like mayonnaise all day. No wonder I graduated a spinster.

Yeah, I watched it.

oh heavens.
america, be calm. speidi is praying for you right now.

01 June 2009

if you're one of those people who likes pictures more than words, this post's the one for you!

i'm stealing these pictures from dre. i have a feeling she won't be mad at me. do you know about dre? you're about to find out how unabashedly talented she is. it just makes the heart and mind do flips and somersalts.

yeah the other one wins for all intents and purposes of framedness, but look at my bangs blowing straight out of that beanie! and check out that nostril flare! at a mcomber family reunion THIS would be the winner!

trippy in the best way.

those are our servers, sev right behind me, and sav on the far right. i think those 2 boys deserve every blessing. cruise employment is slave labor in nearly the truest sense.

mike party is also behind muchas fotos yo have robbed.

i call this the "ill-prepared for the weather doll drums and so i borrowed my boyfriend's beanie and look kinda like a hobo in it although he pulls it off very well" look.

we were about to board. ah, to think. at this moment i still had no idea what it was to be "cruising".

the dinner table. together, we got fat.

*fuzzy feelings toward these people*