10 March 2021

Well hello, saddle!

    I've got some things to say. After the year of pestilence we've all endured, preceded by a few of the years I have had, and now as things (hopefully!) are calming down or have returned enough to normal that I've had a chance to get my bearings, I want to make good on some of the lessons and keep them with me, and record them. 

    Not unrelated to that, I have set my sights to an upcoming chapter: the chapter wherein all my kids go to school for a little more than six hours a day. How this era of life has come so quickly, I cannot tell you, but unbelievable though it may be, in August, I should expect a hefty amount of time to myself every single weekday, at no additional cost! I have been mulling over what I will do with the time. As a woman who is equal parts introvert and extrovert I will appreciate this break, but I know I must have something to do to keep my idle hands from devolving into devil tools. My lovely husband has often encouraged me to write a book. I set out to do this very thing a thing a few months ago, and I even got a couple of chapters in. But it wasn't long before I relented to the feeling that I am not ready. To say I am a rusty writer would be a gross understatement. For several years now, I really only pick up writing when it's time to create a Christmas message on the back of our cards. And yet, I still have so many things swirling around in my brain, whether during a silent car ride to pick up Ruthie from preschool, or when one of my sons is yelling for my attention because he is convinced he will die of starvation momentarily without a second snack. Maybe, just maybe I could return to a bit of the internet to record and organize these thoughts, and in the process grease the writer wheels for a future, bigger writing moment.

I want to talk/write about a few things off the top of my head:

  • Megxit
  • Influencers are dumb and I'll tell you why
  • Every hero becomes a bore which is why I am done with putting people on pedestals
  • Love Thy Neighbor 
  • Misplaced energy
  • Authenticity may be fiction
  • I'm so (publicly) sorry (because if I'm not I'm in so much trouble!)!!!!

I know, I know, it's all so tantalizing, can you hardly believe your good luck??? Don't thank me, just buckle up, I'm getting back in the saddle.

P.S. Please note the sarcasm there at the end -- I am not a narcissist (to my knowledge).

This is me at my sister-in-law's house a couple of days ago, showing off my newly inherited AirPods to my sisters.