29 May 2010

Sunday Night Blues? What Sunday Night Blues? Tomorrow will be a tomorrow completely devoid of Sunday Night Blues.

I hear the Lakers won. I would be willing to hedge a bet Kobe is at this moment congratulating himself on being the king of the world. Maybe from the front of a yacht with his arms flung to his sides. And his wife is hanging around somewhere else on the boat wearing a jumpsuit with "Juicy" embroidered on the bum.

I remember watching 60 Minutes once because televisionly I am 85 years old and LeBron James was being interviewed. His mom was also a key feature of the show, and they spoke extensively of their tragic beginnings, often homeless beginnings, their very young single mom beginnings, and then talked about his extremely large piles of money and charitable opportunities and then about 3/4 of the way through the show the interviewer asked Ms. James in a very thoughtful voice, "So, would you say this basketball career has been a good thing for you and your son?" She gave him this look like, "What, are you an idiot or something?" It was hilarious.

That's about all I know about basketball.

25 May 2010

Hum dee dum

Sorry, no pictures of the home yet, because everything is a bit "in transition". Trust me, the pictures will come along.

So far we have loved it and everyone is so NICE. We heard Ladera Land savored of Pleasantville and so far they are dead right. While we unpacked neighbors came to introduce themselves; we were so charmed! 2 little blonde boys in dusty baseball uniforms came with their mother to meet us and ask if we had any kids. I felt HORRIBLE that I had not had kids 9 years ago to supply them with new friends -- these kids were THAT adorable and deserving. Anyway our next door neighbors made us cookies last night. Honestly, who does that anymore?! Growing up I had both contrasts of quality neighbors. Amazingly wonderful people on one side and an older couple with a psychotic, agressive, Napoleon complex toting son on the other side. As I realize my days of gypsy transience are over, (and BELIEVE me, we are NEVER moving again unless at the point of bayonette!) it has been fun/creepy to think that the people on our street will mean to us what the neighbors I had growing up meant to the Eatons. Hopefully minus the Napoleon complex, but even if there are a couple of them in our midst, ah but it makes for great stories!

Is it Wednesday tomorrow?!

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23 May 2010


We are here and we are sore and we are happy and we are in denial and we are not speaking in complete sentences sometimes and we are eating cookies.

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20 May 2010

21 Days

Until my brotherly comes HOME!

I have pondered this moment for a while now. Poor man Cam comes home to people who are perhaps a little bit frighteningly excited to see him. He knows we're excited, but really, I don't think he knows. And while he knew Harry before he left on the mish mash, Cameron will get off that plane to 2 new brothers-in-law and one chubbalicious niece that in May 2008 was but a loaf with yeasty rising.


I imagine we'll all break into sprints to hug him, Sarah will knock us all over and climb over our bodies to get to him first, Mom and Elizabeth will be overcome and sobbing, dripping all over the airport floor, my nephew will tackle him, my 1st niece will turn shy and hide behind sobbing mother, my 2nd niece will be like, "Uh, who is this nerdy boy? Does he have any treats for me?" and my Dad will scrap composure by a thread but give him a big, long, long hug with hearty pats on the back. I picture Jeff and Harry waiting patiently for the rest of us ninnies to have had our hugs before giving him their own. Jeff will probably say something like, "Hey! It's me -- your mystery relative!" to which they will chuckle.

And then we'll all look at each other and say, "Now what?!" We'll find his bags, stuff them in the car, argue over who will be escorted back to the homestead in the same car as Cameron, and after he's released, and each of his sisters and 1st niece will get cracking on baking anything to fatten him up, we'll let the cultural indoctrinating begin with the most important thing he's missed in the last 2 years:

I can NOT wait to see my brother again. To know him is to love the crap out of him.

12 May 2010

I do exclaim!

I've come around to the idea of decorative pillows on my bed! Large and hearty, not small neener pillows that serve 0 purpose!

Tomorrow my mom and I are going to finish selecting the linens she'll stitch together for our bedding!

My mom is and was a dish!

I got a promotion!

When I'm old and sound like Joan Rivers and have spent all our pennies on plastics, this is what I'll look like when I smile!

My sister-in-law Michelle is coming in 2 weeks to visit!

We will be in our new house by then!

People keep asking what it looks like!

Jeff doodled this while we watched old episodes of The OC (or was it Felicity?!) a couple weeks ago!

Yes, Jeff does watch DVDs of The OC and Felicity with me!

"Splat!" That's what my cover-less phone did on tile floor last week! Screen shards on the floor! I felt an unwillingness to pay for a new version of something I had owned moments before! Jeff found a guy to replace my screen and his battery for about 1/5 of the Apple cost! Call me if you find yourself in a similar predicament! Now I have a case of rubber so thick I feel sure I could send it flying off the side of the Chrysler Building and it'd still receive a text! Lesson learned!


09 May 2010


1. Went to a wedding yesterday in Oregon. Megan is now Megan Hughes. My phone died about 6 seconds after this picture,

which was about 2 minutes before the bride and groom came out. I will steal some pictures from facebook as soon as they're posted, because I assure you they were glorious things to behold.

2. It is my considered opinion that once kids lose their baby teeth they stop, appropriately, looking babyish in any way. Observe exhibit A, one of my favorite former babies:

That not un-large new tooth makes him look all sorts of grown up. But he will always be my wonderfulwonderfulwonderful 1st baby nephew.

3. Have you ever read Hazel's Amazing Mother by Rosemary Wells to your kids? It's a great book and I always would think of my mom when I read it as a child. Anyway, happy mother's day to all you mums, especially


3. Confession: I have been a very bad, bad MIA friend the last few months. I just have never struggled so much with time management and have never felt so busy or exhausted. It's not a great excuse but it's basically what I've got. I'm grateful for the time I had this weekend to hang out with some old college buddies, and am really going to set out to be a better "in-touch" pal.

4. 2 weeks till closing ceremonies. The impending move is starting to feel real and we are so excited.

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