28 February 2010

The Wedding Post Part II: Le Templo

Not in order of events, but Blogger takes attitude when loading pictures, and I'm tired and suffering from Sunday Night Blues. Love these pictures, though. To death.


M'lamb. We get each other.

A couple o' the guys

Are they not lovely?

MAJORLY scored with awesome in-laws. We're going to have some fun over the next millions of years. Right after we got to Utah for the reception there, as we sat around chatting, my FIL got up, went to the fridge, and pulled out a diet pepsi with lime for me. Read my mind. I love them already.

I cannot tell you how amazing Jeff's grandmother is. She went on Space Mountain at Disneyland a couple days after this. She embroidered dish towels from a pattern Jeff chose when he was 8 that are so nice we can't bring ourselves to use them; they should be hung and admired always. Perhaps in the Smithsonian. I love her.

Sisters above and below make the very dearest friends. They cause me to look at the stars and ask, "Why is it not a 3-day weekend tomorrow, one in which we shall travel for a visit?"

"One of these things is just like the other, one of these things is kinda the same, but one of these things just doesn't belong here, now it's time to play our game, it's time to play our game." I'm referring to our hair. And if you watched Sesame Street in the 80s like me, you too have had that song stuck in your hear from time to time.

Bless the photographer that tries to get 950948530 people to look and smile and be seen all at once. :)

I love this picture. This picture will go down in the "Picture of my Life" category. For so many years my sisters and I would wonder what sort of men we'd marry. Now we know! I love my brothers-in-law for making my sisters so ring-a-ding happy. Like, really happy. They are incredible blessings to our family.

That little muffin knows the power she has over us.

Cousins! C-c-...COUSINS! McOmber cousins!


My mom is thinking, "Next time I am at my child's wedding I shan't be planning nearly as much!"

High on life and drug free!

It is safe to say my new nieces and nephews have me absolutely wrapped around their tiniest of fingers. Totally and utterly charmed and enthralled.

The Wedding Post Part I: El Templo y Esprinkles

Some of my favorites, in no order of any sort.

Please note a wee fact: After we were done taking pictures about the temple, I realized my breakfast, a handful of peanut butter M&Ms as we ran to the car to go to the temple, then ran back in to get my wedding dress, then ran back to the car to go to the temple, had not filled me up too much. So on to more sugar. We had a spontaneous Sprinkles respite on the way to Corona Del Mar to take the rest of the non-receptioned pictures. Being generous of spirit, the teenagers working behind the counter gave us a freebie as a congratulations.

25 February 2010

I have a Scrunchie you can borrow.

I said before that Jeff makes me laugh with my nose scrunched up and my mouth open wider than a hungry whale. So then on my wedding day he made me laugh a lot and this, as I scroll through the KYLIE NIXON WEDDING PICTURES THAT CAME TODAY (!), is what I keep seeing. I may look like I'm about to eat him, but really, it makes me glad for the millionth time I married him.

It was the best day of my life. Stay tuned for the pictures where I don't look like a piglet. Actually here's one now, because my computer just started loading pictures more hastily.

23 February 2010

21 February 2010

No dice.

I fibbed. No pictures yet, but we shall feed them to the internet as soon as we can.

Now onto the really important things.

1. Hairs. I was growing out my bangs for the wadding because I just wanted to leave them out of it. Too risky that later they would be dated beyond comprehension. Now that it's over (almost a month!), I feel free to bangs it up again. But do I want to? I'm torn. I'm thinking of

because that's how we naturally find ourselves standing, I should have the hair to match! Only fitting! I've got the hair dye for Jeff under the bathroom sink.

I actually am NOT going to be following suit and chopping my locks for a newlywed hair shift. I have had short hair more often than not in my life. It is NOT easier. And yeah, I know I've been talking about hair too long at this point.

Moving. On.

2. What IS that even??

It was supposed to be a winter loaf. I won't say why it looks like this and not like something you'd eat, because I like to avoid making myself look like an idiot on my own blog, but it was the fruits of an attempt at finding a kosher, cooperative balance between our breadmaker and I, and I can't say I believe either of us won or lost. Am I making no sense now? HA HA! Again, when displacing blame in as an adorable way as you can, being as vague as possible is key.

3. We haven't watched a minute of the Olympics. This will probably bother me later. It's been busy. Seems you leave town for 2.5 weeks and then you have some stuff to catch up on when you get back -- WHAT???? Also, as long as we're confessing things that I'm not sorry for yet, we ate a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs and Starburst Jelly Beans over a 24 hour period. Can I get a what what?

18 February 2010


This was outside my car in the parking garage.

Seems someone had a worse day than me!

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14 February 2010

By Week's End,

I shall blog my wedding photos. We were a weensy bit spoiled because our photographer, Kylie Nixon, had an assistant, and then my sister Elizabeth is quite the photog, as is my father-in-law, as is his lifelong friend Richard. So we have quite a bit of high-resolution photos spilling in, and until I have the last of them, I shan't blog it.


Hey! We've been married 3 weeks, and guess what: we're totally pro. We've got it all figured out. So we thought it was time to help others. Our book, "How to be Married and Stay as Funky Fresh as We Are" will commence printing tomorrow, and our first 50 customers will be treated to a free pamphlet on "How to Use Your 2nd Bedroom as a Dumping Ground for Knick-Knacks, Papers, Electronic Cords, and General Stuff You and Your Husband Don't Use Often or Need but Can't Let Go Of".

And also,

Yes, she's real. Sometimes it seems impossible there could be something this cute, and let alone that she could belong to me (ok she really belongs to my sister+BIL, but whatever), but I promise she is in fact a truth.

And on this, the day of love, I pay tribute (again! I just can't stop!) to another truth:

I absolutely, positively, could not have married a sweeter man, or made a better decision. I love him more than I could ever hope to say.

And a Valentine Bit in parting:

O mistress mine, where are you roaming?

O, stay and hear! your true love's coming,

That can sing both high and low:

Trip no further, pretty sweeting;

Journeys end in lovers meeting,

Every wise man's son doth know.

What is love? 'tis not hereafter;

Present mirth hath present laughter;

What's to come is still unsure:

In delay there lies no plenty;

Then come kiss me, sweet-and-twenty!

Youth's a stuff will not endure.

William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

09 February 2010

My 1 and Only Clever Pearl of Pre-Wedding Wisdom

I like to think I was a tolerable engaged girl.

I wanted the wedding to be something sweet and simple and "impishly sophisticated", and luckily, my shoestring mother was offering to cook up such an affair the way she does. Plus I'd taken notes at Sarison's wedding 6 months prior. I picked my colors (black + white + accented pastel pink,) because I don't really feel I have a color that is ME ME ME, most pretty in my eyes, that I must wear morning, noon, and night, and don't really want one to be honest. I do like black and it's a color that's easily matched and I defy anyone that says there exists a closet in America without an article of the midnight hue. Black and white are crisp and clean. Pink is feminine. Lastly, when I was about 8 (?) my mother gave my sisters and I matching black velvet dresses with white lace and a pink satin knot at the neckline. I loved it. That was the first time I learned about an "accent color". It was my favorite part about Sunday from that day until it no longer fit, and it assuaged the resentment I felt that my mom wouldn't let me eat any of Cameron's Cheerios. So anyway that was the way I picked my colors.

Well lookie here! Imagine! I've completely drifted topic. Back to the mainland: I was a relatively chillaxed engaged girl. I only remember 1 hyperventilating moment. No, 2.

#1: When my beloved invitations finally arrived in the mail and Jeff started stuffing them a little "roughly". Saints preserve us!

#2: Checked The Weather Channel the Monday before the wedding and what do you know?? Deluge, deluge, deluge of Mother Nature's tears predicted on my wedding day. Alanis Morisette: This is not a situation to sing about. It is a situation to kick pigeons across Disneyland about.

Turn Out of Hyperventilation #1: At invitation 362, I was jamming those things in with less mercy than Stalin's Rottweiler.

Turn Out of Hyperventilation #2: Thanks to the Anti-Rain Dances performed by myself, Jeff, our sisters, and their offspring for 3-4 days, the rains cleared up SATURDAY MORNING. Miraculous! My mom told me on the way to the temple, "Merzy! The earth has been scrubbed for you!" My dad chuckled at that and then started spouting out something along the lines of, "LOOOOVE is a MAny SPLENDORED thiiiiiiiiiing!"

So, my point: my wedding planning went fairly smoothly, and I consider myself to be of even temper and little demand throughout.

Ok now, this is where it REALLY gets to become an AWESOME blog post: Wednesday evening before the wedding, I submitted my billable hours, set my "Out of Office" on Outlook, did a pirouette onto the elevator, and gave 100% of my energies to the wedding instead of 7%. Thursday morning I wanted to play with my DELICIOUS nieces and nephews who'd descended the night before, but I scampered over to our apartment in Huntington to await the internet installation fellow and the refrigerator's delivery. The Homestretch To-Do list was piling up and I was feeling the pressure and stress most keenly. After the apartment delivery I got in my car and practically floated my way down to San Clemente to have eyelash extensions installed by the lovely and fabulous Tristen Ure.

That's right, folks, these things aren't mine, and no one is more depressed about that fact than I. But for now I'll eat them up (if you want to pick up some of what she's putting down, I'll get you her contact info. Just ask me).

Anyway I was with Tristen in San Clemente for a couple of hours. I got back in my car anxious to get back to my To-Do list, but

my car wouldn't respond.

Now, it's a funny thing because at first it seemed to be a problem of the alarm deactivation. I will spare you the details and my reasoning. But Tristen, a very busy yet selfless girl, drove me all around looking for a new battery for my alarm deactivator. Nothin doin. No one could get down there to pick me up without jeopardizing loads of other situations. As I walked around Walmart looking for the microscopic battery I thought I needed, surely about to lose it and lose it good, I felt to utilize Carl Winslow's heart attack elixer, those powerful and eloquent words,

"3-2-1, 1-2-3, What the heck is bothering ME?"

Giving up and embarrassed, Tristen drove me back to Irvine and I left my car in San Clemente. In the end, we worked out a time when someone could conveniently take me back to my car, we called AAA, and they came prepared to tow. In the end I just needed a jump start. A little more of my pride down the tubes.

SOOO the morale of the story (is anyone still reading this?): GET YOUR CAR CHECKED OUT AND TUNED UP 2 WEEKS IN ADVANCE. In fact, this advice goes to families about to welcome a wee baby, the men and women who rob banks, anyone relying on a speedy bit of transportation. You may think a lot of your car, but it doesn't care that there are 400 caramels needing to be wrapped and tied with pretty bows for the wedding reception. No, it really doesn't!

There you have it.

P.S. Today was supposed to be my first day back at work but 3 hours into my catch up mode, I was vomitacular. Caught it from the Jexies. Throwing up never was a good thing to do. Now here's Jeff bringing me some Sprite to guzzle...peace out.

08 February 2010

This blog will now belatedly honor the birthday of my Jeff.

To that man among men who effortlessly memorizes a song word for word after hearing it once, who makes me laugh with my mouth wide open and my nose crinkled up, who makes my life more full than I ever considered it could,

happy birthday. Here's to millions more.

05 February 2010


And life's good. Future blog posts will undoubtedly make you tired of the wedding but in the best way, right?

More soon.....

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