02 September 2015

Never mind. It's a girl!

The doc and ultrasound tech changed their minds and we've got a little lassie en route to our eternal links!  It took a while to swallow, I'd really become attached to my little boy fetus, but now I'm envisioning someone to watch The Sound of Music with me, and go to Women's Conference with me, and shop with me, and I'm thinking it's going to be a blast.  Also, I didn't really know the Father/Daughter bond was a "THING" until the last few years, so I'm thrilled for Jeff!

Come soon, little girl!  Mummy can't wait to meet you!

18 July 2015

Whipping Up Another Boy!

We are so thrilled (and surprised and not surprised) to be awaiting a little bundle of BOY early, early in the new year!  Another winter baby boy to snuggle; I can hardly muster the patience for his newborn squeaks and smell.  The way they cross their legs and tuck when you pick them up under the arms -- oh it's enough to make me an Octomom.  Yeah right.

This pregnancy has been my hardest yet.  And very different from the other two!  I would've thought, "Oooh, it's probably a girl!" but my friend Dr. Reynolds (go see him if you need a little work done!) told me long ago that all that stuff about carrying genders differently, different symptoms coordinating with the sex of the baby, is all balderdash.  Anyway, I was much sicker, but the sickness ended earlier than with Jude and Graham.  I am so tired.  No, so, so tired.  I feel like this baby is emitting Ambien juice through the amniotic sac and I could fall asleep at any moment.  Every day I try and devise a plan to get Jude to take a nap so I can too (guess what, it never works).  And then comes the crankiness, the unearthly range of emotions, my little tots need me endlessly and I just want to sit down and be left ALONE, the house is not as clean as it used to be, none of my clothes fit, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.!

However, eye on the prize!

At the risk of sounding like I think daughters are rug burns (I'd love to have one!), here are some perks to 3 boys:

  • No weddings to pay for.
  • I don't need to buy any baby clothes (toddler and older clothing, however, gets beaten to a pulp).
  • So far my boys have been obsessed with me and shower me with looooove!
  • I'm already in the boy zone!
I do think it's sort of hilarious that we really tried to nab ourselves a summer or early fall baby -- not in the cards.  It took a little longer this time and here I am with my third winter baby.  This means that between January 3 (my current due date) and February 14, we will celebrate every birthday in the family but mine.  Plus Christmas right before, then our Anniversary is in January too.  So by the time Valentine's is over we'll be fat (cake) and poor (presents and parties).  I'm considering Disneyland passes this next round because once we're through with the parties and presents, it could easily cost more than those annual passes.  

I also do think it's sort of hilarious that Jude wanted a girl.  Bad.  Before I got the gendertastic ultrasound, he would insist it's a girl.  I'd remind him that Heavenly Father might be sending a boy, and he would disagree and say something along the lines of, "No, I think Heavenly Father is sending a girl and she will be so cute and I will give her hugs!"  After his swim lessons he gets to pick a prize out of a bucket and he was always picking little plastic bracelets and hair clips to use as Christmas presents for the baby.  It was so cute that part of me felt that he should be have this sweet little wish come true!  When we found out it was a boy he was already snoozing, but the next morning he mentioned his sister again and I said, "You know, Jude, the baby is going to be a boy."  And for some reason, this time he totally went with it.  I said, "I'm going to need you to help me teach him how to throw balls, and color --" and he goes, "Yeah and make him laugh like Baby Cash (his buddy Ryder's little brother)!"  Problem solved.  He has mentioned a few times that NEXT time Heavenly Father will send a girl. HA!

Here's to this little baby I've been waiting for.  Dear little fetus that I may have felt kick last night for the first time, we love you already!