26 January 2012

Thursday Morning

For the grandparents, mainly, but all are welcome:

I will probably never get over his little body.  Hand dimples, curls, eyelashes, his own 100% original profile, the way you can see traces of his rib cage despite his ample belly... it's just incredible to me.

Lately he makes this face while saying, "nuh nuh nuh nuh" and I worry he's copying me saying "No no no no" when he's about to a) attempt a dive bomb, b) try to climb onto the dishwasher while I load or empty it, c) sneak the iPad or my phone, d) insert [inedible/poisonous/choking hazard item] into his mouth.  Which, by the way, I am constantly cleaning the floors, and somehow he still finds stuff.  Hmph.
Enjoy your Thursday.

23 January 2012

2 Years

Break out the bubbly, for 'twas 2 years ago that Jeff married me, and I married Jeff.

Many song lyrics come to mind today....

You mean to me what I mean to you
Even though we ain't got money, I'm so in love with you honey,
I love you, and you alone were meant for me
Loooooove is a many splendored thing
Who ya gonna call?
You're my sunshine after the rain
Love you forever and forever, love you with all my heart

And, on completely serious note, I was running the other night sans baby which means I could listen to music. I don't really have a "work out playlist," so I usually just start it on a song that has a good beat, but if the song that comes after that doesn't, I'm in the zone by then and too lazy to change it.  A Case of You by Joni Mitchell came on, an example of a bad running rhythm, but I do love that song and enjoyed it.  I know this is cheesy, but tears filled my little eyes as she sang,

I remember that time you told me, you said,
 'Love is touching souls',
Surely you've touched mine cause,
Part of you pours out of me
in these lines from time to time

In all her silliness, Joni said something that was really true.  As powerful as "I love you" is, I love a lot of things and say it all the time.  I love Diet Coke.  I love Mitt Romney.  I love The Beatles.  I love Mary Cassatt paintings.  I love iceberg roses.  I love skinny jeans.  I love being skinny.  I love big baskets.  But Jeff is the only person who's touched my soul, in a very Bronte sort of way.  Disagreements and moments of exasperation may pepper some days, but who cares?  He's the one who's rooted down deep into my soul, he's a part of me more than anyone else ever could be, and I am so happy that I'll never, ever be without him.  

So to millions more, Jeff.  I love you in a big way.

20 January 2012

Friday Night

* we are watching midnight in Paris AGAIN. It might be one of my all time favorites.
* Instagram is my new favorite thing. So much more positive than Facebook and 100% pictures of things my friends are up to. I'm staying faaaar, far away from Facebook. This is mainly because the political rants are driving me up the wall.
* Last Sunday we were sitting in church minding our own biz and Jude was standing on the bench making eyes at our friends sitting behind us, and then without warning, "Bleeeeereccchhchhxjchchjxhh". Jude regurgitated more than I ever knew he could fit into his tummy. Poor baby, poor callisters who also got barfed on, poor church pew. Then Jeff and I got the stomach flu Monday. I cannot even begin to say how worthless I am when I have the stomach flu. It turns me into a depressed banshee. It was actually sort of sweet in the end, though, the 3 of us flopped on the couch, and floor, guzzling Gatorade, Jude took extra naps snuggled with his dad, when he was up we let him play with my phone to keep him happy while we were heaving, and when we felt better we had French toast and watched the debate. Jeff gets a high 5 and a pat on the bum for reminding me about life's blessings while I was wishing I were dead on the bathroom floor :).
* anyway tonight we rented a carpet cleaner and shampooed the pew at the church so that the fine folk sitting on it in church Sunday don't have to wonder what that smell is....
And we had a grand old time so we shampooed our carpet at home. Don't be jealous, your time will come to shampoo your Friday night away.
* happy anniversary to us on Monday!

14 January 2012

11 Months: Baby No More

Suddenly, Jude is a big tease.
His mannerisms seem so much older to me.
He has discovered he can scream, and screams for joy allllll day long.
It still makes me laugh, but I try not to egg him on.
He has some serious zeal for life.
He crawls around at break-neck speeds, blowing rasperries as he goes, mumbling his baby talk, growling,
and of course his famous machine-gun laugh.
Jude learned how to wave and now will perform his trick whenever he fancies.
Door stops are still his fave.
Along with food.
He was eating the same amounts of food for so many months, now that is just not going to do it.
He is throwing back a lot more of everything.
This makes me excited to switch to cow's milk in T-30 days!
I sneak in a bit here and there to make sure he's fine with the transition.
We are wearing regular shirts and pants whenever possible, because it's hard enough to change a diaper; getting him to hold still to snap him up afterward is like asking him to take the Louisiana Bar!
We are also done with bibs (he rips them right off; tied or velcro).
He's drooling a bit less, though, so that's nice. (Emphasis on "a bit".)
Jude loves his sippies, thank heavens!  I thought he'd never let go of the baba!
He wants to dive-bomb off the bed.
He puts his binky into Jeff's mouth and laughs his head off.
I'm starting to get a whiff of tantrums.
He loves BALLS.
He throws and then chases them around the house all day.
Must come from his Uncle Cameron :).
He has so much love to give.
We can't imagine life without him.

We are so grateful.

12 January 2012

Nap Time

Which means I'm showered, wearing normal clothes, and blogging doesn't sound like a chore right now, so here am I!

We're in a good groove right now, I think.  We're just doing the day-to-day, which means jogging, gym and jogging for Jeff, cooking, tickling, picking up, putting down, zerberts, kissing, dumping out toys, putting them away, chasing rolling balls around the house, ba-bas, mushy food, reading, walks, yoga with friends, running errands, podcasts, Parks and Recreation on Hulu, among other things.

Some thoughts:

- We're about to hit our stretch of Anniversary, Jeff's bday a week later, and then 2 weeks after that, Jude's birthday (!) AND Valentine's Day, which all adds up to very fun, but expensive, and some planning is in order.  That has been on my noggin.

- I've organized a bunch of out-grown baby clothes and a few kitchen drawers (is it bad if you had 3 "junk drawers"???), and realized we have several categories of "things" that I want a separate place for, but it's a small amount or small items.  They don't need a whole drawer or shelf.  I think one of THESE in our future:

- We've cut out treats Monday to Saturday like we did in good old 2009 when we were boyfriend/girlfriend, full of sass and motivation.  By Saturday I'm near tears but I can't deny it feels good, and is helping us tighten the belts.

- Oop I hear Jude rattling his crib bars. Bye.

08 January 2012

Downton Returns

The world has been invited to dine at Downton, and I feel a little like this:

I wish wish wish all my female family compatriots could be here to watch it with me.  Alas, they are not.  And I can't ask them to wait until such a time.  Jeff is out of the mix because he worked a brilliant strategy a few years ago when it came to period pieces.  After asking (negotiating?) for weeks that he watch P&P with me, he acquiesced but then proceeded to, throughout the entire thing, make snide, mocking comments and groan like he was passing kidney stones.  He accomplished what he set out to: ensure that I would never want him to watch a period piece with him ever again.

I'm also a little nervous.  I saw the trailer for Season 2 and got teary-eyed; I love these characters so much!   Lord Grantham when he keeps Bates on because it "just wasn't right" to let him go, Lady Grantham and her perfect, selfish wit, "What about MY pride?  Is it to be sacrificed on the alter of Mosley's ambition??"  What if it doesn't live up to the first season?  They also have signed on for a third season; what if it goes downhill as they grapple for ways to extend the plot lines to make more cash?  I have a way of idealizing shows, actors, etc. and then later when I revisit it or the show continues, I'm disappointed.  (Grey's Anatomy and Felicity, I'm talkin to you, you unbearable shows that started out awesome!)

Ah well, I shall watch it by my lonesome and text commentary to those I love when necessary.  And, "in situations such as this, one can normally find an Italian who isn't too picky."

05 January 2012

Christmas Day Pictures

Elizabeth has really learned more than a thing or two about photography.  We took family pictures on Christmas day, and I'm so glad.  The Eatons have never been diligent about family pictures, or Christmas cards, but Elizabeth and I are, and it was a huge sigh of relief to get this crossed off.  

The big Eaton pics are still being edited, but here are some of ours, the Hayes Chapter:

And here are some more, just for fun:

04 January 2012

Christmas Travels and their Ability to Test the Limits of Sanity

On the 26th me and my boys got in the car with presents and plans to extend the merriment in Utah.  
This was tweaked by the gridlock that began somewhere on the 91, the most odious of all freeways ever created by man, and lasted until somewhere past Vegas.  For about 40 minutes of that Jude was screaming and we wondered if we would have ulcers if we didn't turn around and go home.  We didn't, and Jude chilled out after not too long.  
It took us 9 hours to get to Las Vegas, people.  9 HOURS!  
We did stop in Barstow to get some food and opted against Chipotle or In-n-Out, thinking they'd be more crowded because they are more delicious.  They were, but that doesn't mean Panda Express, our final selection, wasn't also absolutely stuffed with weary, sweaty travelers.  Also, no changing table in the bathroom.  After standing in line for 30 minutes we snarfed every inch of that food in our frustration.  My cousin Becca would call that F.K.B. (Fat Kid Behavior).  
Anyway, once we got past Vegas it opened up a bit so we kept going.  When we were getting closer to St. George my eyelids were heavy so we stopped.  We were going to stop at Motel 6 but I didn't want Herpes so we chose The Days Inn.  
At that point, about 1:30a.m., Jude had been sleeping for about 7 hours, woke up when we were getting into our room, and wanted to party.  Delirium.  Wriggly baby.  We ended up letting him sleep with us that night, which had never happened before, not once.  (This co-sleeping continued on our trip because guess what: infants, past a certain young age, do not like sleeping in unfamiliar places.  Which is why, young couples out there who think they can save their European adventures for later because they can take their babies on every vacation and it'll be just minimal extra work: it's not that all the other parents are wimps, it's just that traveling turns babies into monsters.)
I didn't sleep well that night; I kept worrying I'd roll over on my Jude.  I woke up at 5a.m. and tried to convince Jeff we should just hit the road, that I was awake enough.  He thought that was hilarious.  We left at 7. 

Jude found the candy.  He didn't penetrate the ziplock.
We made it to Bountiful by lunch time and it was all worth it.
More to come, but for now, 
The End.