28 April 2011


These people, the Jexies, came to visit.

I don't know how people keep track of 2 kids, let alone 4. But they do in fact keep track of them and we all had a grand old time.

I loved Jude getting more time with his cousin, Baby I, born 10 days before him.

About to leave for target. Have I mentioned my son hates the carseat? Oh, I have? 50 times? Well here is the unimpeachable proof. Jude's car beef is working wonders on our gas bill. I don't go anywhere unless it's absolutely necessary, because his automotive meltdowns are going to drive me to drink. I laugh at this picture because Baby I is like, "Don't ask me, I don't know what all the fuss is about."

We went to an Easter egg hunt put on by a friend in my ward. While the adults were hiding the eggs, many of them in very conspicuous places, the clueless toddlers couldn't help themselves and started picking up some eggs. My older nephew was incensed. "Aunt merzy. They. Are. Picking. Up. EGGS!!!!" He's a little Nazi. :)

Baby I is so sweet and mellow.

I am trying to be supportive here because Niece S is actually great with babies, loves them to death and is Baby I's biggest fan, but I am just a little paranoid. It was really cute to see her take initiaive with the wee ones, though, soothing them with her eggy little voice, bouncing them if they fuss when her legs barely are long enough to get off the couch, and her expert knowledge of when they need a binkie. I love all my little lambs.

Happy (late) Easter one and all! Next time Jude will be walking. Yipeee and yikes!

P.S. Like, 50 times a day, I have to suppress the urge to text, email, call everyone I know and yell, "I LOVE MY BABY!!!!!!!!" You know when you look at your baby and just want to do a cartwheel? We love him.

24 April 2011

Happy Easter

He may need therapy later for his mother putting him in pink ears, but for now it's dang cute.

After much searching we found a "lovey" for him. Lovey Monkey. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

21 April 2011

Looks good

Really digging most of the casting for the movie that they're squirreling out of this book. I can't wait.

-- Post From My iPhone

15 April 2011

2 Months: Gettin Fresh

Yesterday we celebrated 2 months of livelihood with Jude. Wildman Jude. This one does not keep still. He kick kick kicks, waves his arms, and looks around constantly, is pretty good at holding his head up (a Hayes thing), and is already wearing 18 month onesies! Nevermind on the last one, I misread the tag. His penchant for drooling he got from moi; he leaves a wet puddle behind after his naps.

He's sleeping a 5 hour stretch at night now (knock on that wood!), the colic is getting a little better (knock harder!!!), and he gives smiles away like candy (to me and Jeff and sometimes Lisa). The smiles are like shots of a chocolate/paxil elixir sent straight through an IV to my mommyhead system. Loves his bath and loves his dad.

We left him for the first time last Friday to attend a wedding reception. Mimi and Grandpa loved it. I packed the diaper bag a la brim so he'd be covered if a meteor hit the backyard. He did OK. My arms felt strangely loose the whole time.

He really holds onto those many burps.

Lisa and I put Jude and Lyla next to each other on the couch and the saucy lass instantly turned toward him, claiming the opportunity to make her intentions known. Blurry camera because we could not stop laughing.

He is the most charming addiction. I can't wait for more.

06 April 2011

Meeting Loads of Fam and Hangin with the Ladies

First of all:
2 of my dear friends, Lisa and Lindsey, had babies 2 and 3 weeks after I did. Both sweet girls. We get together and put our babies in a clump. Hmm, can you guess which baby is the ticking time bomb of the clump? I must be his mother because I think he's cute even when he's screaming.

Second of all:
We sped our booties to Vegas last weekend so Jude could meet his grandparents, his Reynolds cousins, and his Jex cousins. I never gave much thought to how fun it would be to watch my son be so loved and adored by his extended family, but believe me, it warmed my heart to a boiling puddle. He didn't have a second without someone cooing over him, and we watched Conference and played at the park and talked and the kids played Angry Birds. So fun.


Love Love

Love Love Love

High School Musical came on tv.

Love Love Love Love

Love Love Love Love Love

Third of all:
We got back Sunday night after 8 hours in the car. Geez, this roadtrip was all shades of horrible. On the way there we made good time, but J hates the carseat. HATES IT. He screamed for 2 hours straight. I didn't know he had it in him. We fed him bottles as we drove, too, so he was not hungry. He just hates that piece of Britax like a Rihanna song. Then we got there and he slept for 5 hours straight, totally wiped out.

The way home was worse. He did end up sleeping for a while in the car, but traffic was awful, and when we would come to a stop Juju would wake up and commence to scream the scream. I was so happy that the agricultural inspection could slow us down for miles and wake up my poor baby all so they could wave us through. Does anyone else turn into a sweaty, heart racing mess when your baby is screaming and you know you can't do anything for him because you're in a traffic jam on the I-15? Buh. I don't want to do that again until he's old enough to take Benadryl. There are a few other unsavory anecdotes but I'll spare the internet and you.

Fourth of all:

McOmber cousins were in San Diego on Monday and I hauled me and baby to see them! This time when I started buckling my baby in Jude was like, "Oh, this thing again? Whatever. Goodnight." He slept pretty much the whole way there. Relief! I don't have any pictures (alas!), but my dear cousins, aunt, and uncle and I lazed about in a beautiful villa and chatted. In the order of families sticking together through thick and thin, we all shared in the experience of J's first blow-out diaper. I do mean blow-out. Margaret even rinsed his onesie and put it in a ziplock for me. That's love.

And now Jude has gone from meeting 0 members of his extended family to meeting about 30. I love it. We are so very lucky to have each other.

P.S. When I'm standing up now, even when I'm not holding J, I sway from left to right, left to right.

And 2 pictures in parting: My favorite things. His big blues and the lips that ate Texas.