04 September 2008

16 weeks

i'm a little bit obsessed with christmas. it's like we get past labor day and the holiday bumble bee that's been buzzing around in the back of my head all year takes a hit of crystal meth and starts buzzing all the more.

last night i may or may not have counted on my calendar how many weeks remain until christmas eve.
and if this picture of tenderness doesn't put you, each and every one of you, into the christmas spirit, then i can't help you.


Aubrey said...

you're already blogging about christmas? oh heaven help us all.

Nat D said...

ok why don't you and hallmark and costco just SLOOOOOW it down a bit.

BTW you should really just put the whole script of She's The Man on your movie quote site. It REALLY is by far the most excellent piece of work EVER.

Elizabeth said...

why oh why is the cat licking the dog's nose?