02 September 2008

only a sith speaks in absolutes.

i find more and more with the passage of time that if you (or i) make an absolute statement, the opposite will ultimately and inexcusably come to pass.  the same carb conscious mouth that utters the words, "when i'm a mother, i'll never feed my kids sugary cereal" belongs to the same person who, later, will buy count chocula and lucky charms in bulk for their little homespun beasts.  the individuality seeker who abstains from induction into the harry potter fan club for years on end, will, at one point or another know what the quibbler is capable of doing.  by using those dangerous words "always" or "never" we essentially carve in stone the promise that we "won't" or "will."

my own personal case and point: today i scheduled a time to take the GRE.  

so, my lovelies, be careful what sorts of absolutes you put out into the universe.  i, for one, am about to start throwing around absolutes like these:

-i will NEVER have millions upon millions of dollars.
-i will ALWAYS be a big fatty.
-i will NEVER have a mini cooper.
-i will NEVER have a vacation home in monaco.

and so on.

never/always.  trouble.

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