09 September 2008

for the most part, i'm all down and jiggy with CA, but i really am not appreciative of the whole hands free cell phone driving law.  those pesky earpiece items actually hurt my ears. then, as if poking and pinching my head isn't enough, it always FALLS OUT, usually right as i'm receiving some important information (like, if i was the 102nd caller.  just kidding i hate the radio).  thus, instead of holding my phone ever steady to the side of my face, i'm groping around on the floor of my car or around my gear shift for the shifty devil plug, paying less attention to the road.

basically i've just been standing on the dock, watching and waving as the cell phone conversation ship flitters off into the horizon.  i only talk on the phone while driving if i'm really desperate, and if my hair is down and i can super sleuth my phone away into obscurity.  the hands free cord movement is just a no-go in the meredith industry, and i'm pretty sure my phone is too ghetto to support a bluetooth.  the tragic thing of it all is that i used to do my best "keep in touch-ing" on the road.  it's such a convenient time to catch up on chit chat, and now i'm having a hard time risking a chit chat with a ticket-doling copper for an indulgent chit chat with a friend or relative.  basically i've just been listening to a lot of music instead.

anyway, yesterday morning i was driving to work and at a stop light saw something i thought was pretty funny.  a woman with sopping wet hair, a sweatshirt, and heels got out of her car, ran to her popped trunk that was full of boogy boards and other such sea shore instruments, pulled out a water bottle, and slammed the lid shut.  a rogue flip flop, however, had weasled its way to the lip of the trunk and prevented it from closing.  she was back in the driver's seat before she realized it had bounced back up.  with the light turning green, she ran out again, this time only to the side of the car, and, unable to see the sabotaging sandal, slammed it again, this time harder.  i thought the flip flop was going to be decapitated (if flip flops have heads...which they don't, so the flip flop was going to be cut in half.).  one more bounce back from the trunk door and cars were starting with the trumpeting.  at this point she was laughing, went all the way around, and saw the flip flop, stuffed it back in, got in her car and slammed the gas.  i thoroughly enjoyed the show.

my first thought was, "i've got to call elizabeth to tell her."  then, "shoot, where's my ear piece?"  then, "eh, i'll just blog it instead."



Nat D said...

What I want to know is how do they really bust you for not using an earpiece. I mean if you get pulled over you obviously are going to end your call, right? Then it's their word against yours. Hmm. Loopholes.

Erin said...

Oh the decapitated flip flop...what an event. P.S. Listening to Ray Montagne right now -- love it -- and even more, I love MERZY