07 September 2008

"woops, uh, who put that song on there?"

the other day i was at this shopping center called THE DISTRICT. unlike the districts i knew on my mission, which consisted of sun burnt, benevolent, 19-20 year old boys, this DISTRICT is a day tripper's mecca. one of those 10 minute stops that penitently turns into 4 hours. panera, target, costco, a movie theater or two, michael's, DSW, borders, pinkberry, verizon, a smattering of banks to facilitate spending, rocky mountain chocolate factory, tj maxx, whole foods, lowe's, and ever so much more. it is quite huge. it is quite stunning.

one of the most stunning elements, the ones that makes you think, "wow! viva la 21st century!" is the fact that the parking lot light posts boast speakers, so that while i'm en route to tj maxx, elizabeth could be on the other end of the expansive district universe, skipping into lane bryant (kidding) and hearing the same tunes blaring from the light post speakers.

anyway, the other day i'm walking through the parking lot and they start playing the counting crows cover of joni mitchell's tree hugger tune, "big yellow taxi" and i just start laughing. if you haven't heard the song before, i'll help you out a little:

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Erin & Mike Featherstone said...

Heh that is hilarious! I love the Elder Holland post too...
Enjoy the District for me.