03 September 2008

just another day in the OC

today during my lunch break i popped into banana republic to peer and wish and hope. i was trying on a dress and heard the sales associate making her rounds through the dressing room hall, asking everyone how they were doing. this is what i hear from the room directly across from me, no add-ons or exaggerations present:

employee: (knocks on the door) hi, how are you doing in there?

customer: uh, you know, these just aren't working.

employee: oh, i'm sorr--

customer: just--just get them out of my sight!

i hear a flop of what i can only assume is large quantities of clothing falling over the dressing room door and onto the floor.

the end

1 comment:

Nat D said...

dude I wish I could've seen what it was she threw up, I mean over.